Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 5, 2011

the hotwater tank is fixed...ok so it wasn't actually was the water pipe leading into or out of it (not sure which) that broke apart and started the flood.... now it has been put back together with better and sturdier parts. yay...we have water again...almost. just waiting for allied to come to refill the big outside water storage tank and then we are good to go! YAY! good thing the volunteers and staff have been keeping the water jugs full...except for not being able to do laundry or flush the toilets or bath the wouldn't have even known!

heads up to the weekend warriors..i said i was off this weekend but i picked up some overtime hours so i am going into work. i will be bitching about losing the days off but i will be happy when i get my next paycheque!

tess had her vet check...her teeth look better, the food here is helping to clean them up pretty good. the vet said to give her some dental diet or dental bones and he will recheck them in a couple of weeks...if they keep cleaning up with a good diet she won't need a dental at all. he also thinks she is younger than she appears...maybe 10, 11 or 12. once we get some weight off her we might see a brand new not so old dog.
we are starting her on pain meds so she can move around better and more comfortably so that should help too.

merry's bloodwork is back...good thing she has been on baytil continously or she probably would be septic and dead. she still has a massive infection tho. anyway..she is starting on daily oral ivermectin and hopefully the mite count will go down and stay down more consistently than with the every 2 week injections. poor merry... her skin is still such a mess.

kristy's bloodwork is back..not too much to report except infection from her poor mouth. she is cleared for a dental but needs to be on antibiotics first. i will book her in about 2 weeks from now and then she should feel pretty good.

the new cats are good. we moved marj and blanche up into a cage where we can watch them more closely. they are both still a bit shy but at least we can now pet them and give them treats which will help them to learn to trust us. bea is a total affectionate beast...she just purrs and purrs and kneeds and kneeds...gosh she is totally lovely. poor little bonnie's eye looks so sore but she started on her eye ointment now so hopefully it will feel better in a few days. and desi got herself a new comfy bed which she really likes a whole lot..she just looks so content and comfortable but she gets freaked out whenever we take out her food and water bowls to clean and re-fill them. it is like she thinks we aren't giving them back! i told her food is never an issue around here...she will always have plenty to choose from. right now she is quite liking the fancy feast she gets! sweet cat!

cherry pits urinalysis is back...yep i was right on top this and didn't drop her ball. it is another bladder and kidney infection..the only change is she is going to stay on the antibiotics for 4 weeks this time..hopefully then she can keep it gone. so glad we caught it right could have really messed her up cuz she is so frail.

the vet came and listened to ziggy's chest...all is good. he checked out chewie's wound...after a full year and two surgeries, it is finally healed! and had a look at pop's foot...if i want he will come back next week on a quiet day and try to fashion a splint to try to stabilize it..i don't like the way it keeps slipping off to the side. in the mean time we really need to corner steve the ferrier to get out here and put on an orthopedic shoe...i phoned him today again and left another message, hopefully he will get back to me soon.

i think that is pretty much all of the news today..i didn't get the saints weekly feed and supply runs done....hopefully i can squeeze out some time this weekend, it depends on how many hours i have to work cuz i still have to be home in time to put the barn guys to bed...shit and starting next week it is 6 freaking weeks of mon-friday at work for me. i like having days off during the week with staff here it is usually easier for me to get my things (like supply runs) done...except for this week which totally sucked cuz i got too many things on my plate and got totally bogged down.



On a completely unrelated note . . . SAINTS has dropped to 3rd place in the shelter challenge. Please remember to vote every day, including weekends.


well i picked up the laundry on fri so hope that helps did not come say hi to the dogs did not want to get them going. see you tomorrow.

Bunny Horne

Carol with your busy schedule sounds like Brent and I will likely miss you on Sunday SO if you could just leave him a mock up sketch of the sign you want him to make for the front gate that would be great. He has some quiet time right now at work and could get this project done for you.
MO & KO - we are bringing out lots of water on Sunday - hopefully it will cover the barn needs for that day.