Rescue Journal

this is probably the last update you will ever see on the new guys...

Carol  ·  Aug. 7, 2011

just because they are all such nice animals and all of them are now doing really well.

ewok, smokey, kristy and tess are all well settled and happy. altho you might hear a bunch of future stuff on tess cuz she is quite the funny character! the other guys are lovely and sweet and cheerful and pleasant and easy to get along with,,,they probably won't ever get into any trouble.

all of the new cats...bea, bonnie, desi, marj, and blanche are all eating...are all purring and rubbing against us, no one is frightened or hiding..they all seem really happy and comfortable now. i just love new cats who settle in here easily!!!! blanche, bea and marj are all free again in the holding pen...bonnie and desi need to stay caged until we repeat their felv testing in a few weeks.

well..i am hot and sticky and dirty and sweaty from putting the barn guys to i think i will have a nice (sigh...and shallow) bath and then grab my book and climb into bed!



haha Lynne - she stayed at the pond for quite awhile indeed :) She couldn't / wouldn't get up from her shady spot under the tree and everytime we'd try to help her up she'd protest and roll over on her side to get another belly rub. lol - she's a gem !


i am guessing we still need sponsorships for the new cats that are in and coming in so if anyone still wants to ;sponsor, zoe? feel free lol. tess is indeed a sweet little ,well not little dog that has a mind of her own. i managed to lure her down to the pond and she actually had a great time and stayed for quite awhile.