Rescue Journal

crappy cold day 2

Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2011

blech! i still feel like shit.

the dogs most definitely are not cute anymore but so far they have been pretty good. i think they know we are all walking a fine line right now so they are being pretty good.

and trust me, this has not an ounce of caring or compassion for me who feels unwell....this is their survival quiet, walk softly around the currently sketchy not bug her so she doesn't flip out.

in rescue...a bit of uncertain nervousness on bad days it sort of helpful.

cherry is up to 2 full small pizza's every day...i need to buy her some more on my lunch break.
all was quiet on the big bambi and noelle war front...they were both in a good mood.
mo got hold of the ferrier and he is coming to fit pops for an orthopedic shoe in the next couple of days.
all of the new guys are doing really good.

sigh..and i guess i better get busy and down my cold pills and head off to work...if this isn't better by tomorrow, i may just have to take a sick day but i don't want to. (i am trying to save my sick time now for payout when i retire....i have just over 800 hours in my unused sick bank right now and they will pay out 40% of up to 1100 hours upon retirement (and i have a few working years left to try to accumulate the rest)'s a good chunk of change.)



I know SAINTS is full but does anyone know of anybody or organization that might take a 13yr maltese cross? She has a minor liver problem, needs a dental, possible history of seizures but we are not 100% sure of that. We have her in a (very temporary!) foster home right now but she is the sweetest little girl and she really needs a home! Her most recent owners surrendered her through our hospital on Monday. We have her on antibiotics and ran a full blood panel. We are still waiting for the results of the additional bile acids results for her liver. If anyone has any suggestions please email me:
Thank you!