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Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2011

reposting a rant from craigs list about rescues in general not returning emails or calls. this brings to mind again (which i keep forgetting) that the house phones aren't working again...and haven;t worked this time around for quite a long while.

anyway..the point here?

i have decided to cancel the land doesn't work most of the time anyway and i can't do the whole remote message thing either (nor do i really want to learn) my personal cell number is not for the public..only to those who i know.
SOOOO....from today on the only way to contact saints is thru the appropriate contact emails listed on our contact page.
if there is no voice mail for people to leave messages on which i can't access ought to decrease any frustration if we don't return phone calls....hah! i am finally being proactive! no more messages hanging out in more disruptive repair folks who can't seem to solve our ongoing phone line problems...AND maybe we will save a bit of money too..why pay for a phone that rarely works anyway?


Cheryl K

I like what some rescues have is an instant reply to email..that just says we have recieved your quiery and will respond within (blank blank blank ) time..that gives both rescue time and also the person who is contacting some sort of time SAINTS case tho they are in a whole different realm of rescue..the sheer volume makes it virtually impossible to respond like some people think they should..gosh one of the rescues responding to this CL list said they had 7 calls at work in one day from one person regarding a dog they wanted to dump..How rude is that..can only imagine what SAINTS gets in a single day..


you are so right bunny. my daughter was on hold with shaw for 45 min. ridiculous. and it is always just a stupid message never a real person even when you do get through to them. very frustrating. as for rescues, i think most people just do not know enough about them to really understand. i mean, really, carol you can not just sit by the phone waiting to talk to people that need your help. where are your priorities. oh yes, the animals. lol. not to mention your job outside of saints. maybe we should clone you so you can be everywhere all at one time. can you imagine, a carol at her job, a carol out in the barn, a carol in the house wow would the dogs have to behave then. well, enough of my nonsense i have to take my dogs out for a quick walk. see you all tomorrow.

Bunny Horne

This disturbs me actually - I realize it's frustrating when the phone only rings and there doesn't seem to be a human being on the other end, HOWEVER I assume that all rescues are just barely hanging on by a thread financially as the funds all come from donations and many many volunteer hours of fund raising efforts. I trust most rescues work with a staff of volunteers, none of whom act as a "receptionist" or call centre attendant. The founders, staff and volunteers are busy, most have a primary job (or two) and then dedicate some of their personal time tending to the needs of the animals that have been rescued. Too bad, so sad, but I doubt rescues can afford to hire office personnel. It's unfortunate in this instant gratification world people can't have a wee bit more patience. Want to get really frustrated - try contacting the service provider for your phone provider or one of the utilities in your home.


oh that is so great Bunny and Brent ... long over due. Good on you guys.

Bunny Horne

AND Brent is working on the new sign for the front gates as I type that will list the hours of operation and appropriate email addresses for those folks that come out for a visit. We will bring the sign with us next weekend.