Rescue Journal

and another keyboard probably bites the dust

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2011

monty just knocked a fiull bowl of water off of the shelf and directly on to the keynboasr so i thought i better post this w quick before it seizes and you all think i have died. sorry for the typoos the backspace is already frozen so i can't go back and gfix/



oh yah my daughter saved my blackberry cell phone with the rice trick, but it took a couple of days to work.

marion j

If you can find a plastic bag ,..big enough to fit the key board....dry out board as best you can..... put in bag & pour lots of rice over it. leave for 24 hours & try.....This also works for cell phones...
Have saved a friends cell this way...& my cordless tel also....hope this helps..MJ


Sounds like you need the Tree Frog "Washable" Keyboard from London Drugs. It is waterproof and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.;Computers;Input%20Devices;Keyboards;Tree%20Frog%20Washable%20Keyboard%20-%20Black&ProductID=4789368&ProductTab=3


or else you could also get a keyboard cover, but you would have to remember to use it. lol

Mauro Salles

Use a hair dryer and the keyboard will be resurrected (a miracle !). Rocket Science!!