Rescue Journal

happy saints campers this thank god it is friday night!

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2011

since mama duck and apple man are busy lately (their daughter is getting married...CONGATS!!!)..i had to go shopping for fruit for the barn. last week at safeway, it cost $60 for enough apples and a few bananas and strawberries to last the week. dionne has been good with them, she has been frugal but i know we are going to need more, probably before the end of the weekend.

so i stop at bruces market and load up a half a dozen 5 pound bags. the lady asks me if i am making something special..i say is for our barn guys. apparently they sell boxes of slightly beat up apples for $5 a box...oh yay...way better then spending 25 bucks!

so our saints fruity-duck family can now guilt free, enjoy their time off...saints has a back up source for cheap fruit when apple man and mama duck are busy!

it was pretty hot in here when i got home so all of the air conditioners are on now...a lot of good it does to turn them on and then open the door wide so everyone can go in and out. oh well when they are done with the back and forth..i will close the doors again.

i received such a warm welcome home tonight!!! EVERYONE was over the top to finally see me. the big guys want to go for a run, but they have to wait til the barn guys go to bed. cherry pit was busily contemplating a full plate of cooked and cut up weiners that she got for lunch and wouldn't eat cuz it wasn't pizza.

ebony has moved up into the laundry area with i get home and the two of them, side by side, proceed to stare at me thru the gate til i got their telepathically combined message that they were BOTH waiting for pizza.
jeezus freaking turtle in a i have to also cook pizza for the cat???

i am changing the names of my new guys to benny and june (new life, new names..i like things simple..three syllables is one too many and even tho i do it (cuz i am basically lazy)..i really don't like adding 1 and 2's to the back of names when we already have someone with the same name....ESPECIALLY my own family members. they get their own names that they never share.)...anywho....they knew i had been to the store...and knew i had bought pepperoni for their treat that i haven;t yet given to them cuz i stuck it into the fridge. apparently jedi and minnie pearl knows it now the four of them are bitching at me non stop to quit goofing around and give it to them. (the numbers of the ones who know it are going up as the word spreads ....SHE"S GOT PEPPERONI IN THE FREAKING FRIDGE!!!!!!)...dogs SO suck at keeping secrets!

i swear...some big time sniffers can smell pepperoni from a mile away.

the little puffy pain was pretty happy to see me too..he just got a rawhide chew stick when i got home..he is totally clueless there is pepperoni over in the main house fridge, obviously his little nose just ain't up to snuff! i have to say that little puff daddy is almost as cute as andy (and also...almost as mentally messed up!)

weeeelllll....i guess i better get some dinner and then start looking for whatever it is that stinks...altho the dogs (and cat!) don't seem to care...all they care about smelling is pizza and pepperoni (or pretty much anything else that happens to be in my fridge!)!



Hey Erin, thanks. I work in the morning so I won't be there until the afternoon, but the kids and cats are in good hands with you.
Take care.


hes not ill at all, but weve been in and out of bc childrens for 2 weeks, i wasnt sure if they were gonna admit him this aft but they let him go, his 1st treatment will be next week sometime. hes perfectly fine, if one didnt know, youd figure he was a normal kid with a limp. **TAMMY** you dont hafta come in if you dont want, unless of course you wanna hang out with me....:)


he got CIPD? i didn't even know he was ill. you don't need to come in erin, we can handle it here if you want to stay home with him. and belated hugs to you both!


well all is good in my world so i WILL be in tomm, i will do the bunnies/med room. there is a possibility that i will hafta bring my kids, we ll see. turns out my son has chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, long title but beats the living shit outta ms, a teeny tiny word that has robbed me of sleep. phew! see you all in the a.m.!