Rescue Journal

cleanliness is next to godliness

Carol  ·  Aug. 20, 2011

i thinik we are pretty well covered in all areas today..which means i can bath doris, and de-scab merry ...oh freaking yay.

and maybe i can finally clean out my car...there is a ton of donated meds in there from various vet clinics that i need to sort out.

and i should bath squirty...i just noticed with his cuddle this morning, his coat is feeling kind of dirty. i wish angelina was here (she is on holiday for 3 weeks) cuz if she was here i could suck her in to bathing big benny...the big dogs are hard for me...i am not good at bending as i age. i do better with standing straight at the sink, it doesn't stress my back as much.
sigh...the only real trouble with big dogs as far as i am concerned is that they don't actually fit in the kitchen sink so bathing them hurts.

i am also thinking lately that i would like to get together a special horse bathing party...geez i would just love to suds and scub up gideon, popeye and czar!

is anyone into it? maybe early tomorrow afternoon? the weather is great, the water tanks are full...and all three of them would look so clean and beautiful with a lot less loose hair and powdery dirt! it is for sure a stand up straight job so our aging backs shouldn't hurt!!!

and i could use having to bath the horses as my not cleaning my car excuse!!!!


Bunny Horne

Carol, Brent and I were having dinner at a friend's home in Maple Ridge last night (no she didn't serve pepperoni or pizza) and heard that you had miraculously cured their mom on a recent visit to change bandages. So we got to hear all about what a SAINT this woman who owns SAINTS is. Like that was news to us. NOT. Anyway, our friend ran and grabbed $30 from her purse to give to you. I will bring the cash on Sunday (tomorrow). Do you want it go to towards sponsorship of some of the new additions for the Gala?

Brent is changing the new sign from SAINTS RESCUE to PIZZA PIZZA. Hope you don't mind. He will mount the sign tomorrow.

Dionne, MO, I've got a Costco sized box of granola bars for Edith and her goatly friends.

We are also filling up the jugs and bringing lots of water with us even though the tanks are full.

CAR WASH/HORSE WASH - Brent and I can definitely aid in bathing the horses and I would like to suggest that Percy, Emily and Joy participate in that wash as well. For some time I've wanted to wash them down - Emily always seems to lay in poop - silly girl. It shouldn't take long to wash a cow or use much water. If there's time you might want to throw the running and running and running big dogs into the wash cycle too.

See you tomorrow.