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Carol  ·  Aug. 20, 2011

why shane pisses on everything....
while dogs who pee in the house can do it for any number of reasons...pain/disability/illness/age related incontinence...dominence, high testosterone levels, anxiety, poor housetraining skills, marking one's real estate...i think shane's reason is unique..i think in his mind...watering everything and everyone in sight is shane's own unique and joyful is like his bladder is full of happy holy water that he is more than willing to generously to share!

"bless you esther...bless you soft bed....bless you doorway....bless you pepperoni and pizza holding fridge."

i am hoping one of the kind barn folks tomorrow will do up the chickens for me. i have to clean out the pen in the shop (and i am hoping brent will put some of the stuff up on the ladder high shelf for me too!)

we are temporarily getting in 3 or 4 parvo puppies. they are coming directly from hospitalization and need care and isolation until they are no longer contagious and can return to turtle gardens original foster homes. they will be under strict quarantine with infection control precautions in place so folks cannot be popping in and out to visit them without religiously following the infection control procedures (which will be clearly posted.)

also please to anyone who gets the papers...we need to stock pile a ton of newspapers. they will have lost all of their house training but at least hopefully we can return them to their foster homes paper trained and their fosters can then help them remember the rest.

and so sorry carol ann...but i wasn't even thinking and we will need some of those puppy pads back again that i told you to take cuz we don't use them. they are more absorbant than newspapers until the pups bowels firm up again. duh..i am such a dumb bunny cuz i knew those puppies were coming when i told you to take them!

puppies are such a pain in the ass...they are gawd awful messy buggers. add parvo into the puppy mix and i am willing to bet that by the time they are ready to go..i will be truly glad to see them go!!!

they will be arriving on tuesday i should be ready to shoot myself again....but...hope always floats that i won't.


Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Thank you Carol and Crew. You have saved my puppies lives. The trip down stressed then into parvo, the trip back could have killed them. They are the friendliest, happiest funniest pups - 3 short legged and one with legs that are long. They will make you smile every day. I know they did for me for the 10 weeks I had them. They like squeaky toys even know how to squeak them too. Their names are : curly male with white forehead Dexter, Black and white is Donatello, red female with legs is Darby. Short legged brown female is Dasha. Mom is Darla and she is still here waiting for her spay. Thank you so very very much. Yvette


ziggy and pops are both good.

the pups won't be outside at all...they will stay in the lino'd pen until they are totally clear and then that area will be fully disinfected once they are gone.

we had a parvo pup a couple of years ago (skye) and also i have had several others in rescue before i started up saints so i am pretty familiar with the whole drill.
basically you just need to keep them in an easily cleaned area (cement is no good because cement has pores and can hide the virus too deep to clean and you never let them onto your carpets, wooden decks, grass, gravel or dirt where it can infect the ground.) and you keep the virus contained within the safely cleaned area and simply prevent it from spreading outwards on materials, supplies, mops. brooms, garbage, bowls, clothing, people etc and especially shoes.

knock on wood...because of the infection control procedures i have never had parvo spread beyond the individual infected dogs i have taken in. (infection control in hospital and nursing stands me in good stead!)
since parvo is not airborne, it only spreads if direct or indirect contact with infected feces is allowed.
those pups and everything that goes in there with or for them will be on very strict and controlled lock down.
parvo like ringworm is not a huge deal IF you know in advance it is coming in and can set up properly to contain it. the problem with these kind of contagious things is really if you DON"T know someone has it to begin with..then it spreads before you even know it is there.

a known parvo or ringworm or distemper case now and then is a great reminder and learning tool for keeping infection spread first and foremost in all of our heads and keeping our skills up for the next time someone needs a bit of extra help.

AND as an aside...diana told me today...that the original owner of skye....our last parvo puppy who's owner was going to put her down because she had parvo (she bought her from a well known puppy mill)..(skye is doing great in her new home by the way!) anyway...apparently this ex-owner has in the past couple of years accumulated more malamute pups from the same puppy miller!!! the pups remained unspayed and unneutered and are grown up now and she is is getting big time into backyard breeding all on her own...oh freaking yay.

some people just never even try to learn, not even when the sad reailty of pups bred for human profit and greed is unpleasantly shoved by fate, right into their face..they just keep trucking along on their merry, old, stupid, messing up dogs lives, selfish and greedy ways.

stupid is as stupid does....this kind of thing REALLY pisses me off.


doesn't psrvo live in the ground for about a zillion years?
How are my Zig-a-licious and Pops?

Carol Ann

ok Carol I just gave away the one opened package--Dionne will bring the other 2 back on Monday.


no saintliness in this...they would do the same for me if i was in need.
and please don't be asking shane to bless me either! :~)

Cheryl K

I know why you are SAINTS..because you are a saint even when you are saying how you will want to shoot yourself..thank you so much for stepping up to help those adorable parvo pups...The trip back to Topley would have been horrid for them to make...Yvette was in such despair after getting all the shots it was a wammy to have the pups get ill..
Hey just think how cute they will be with their little poopy bottoms and peeing so much.
Again bless you for helping another rescue in dire need..