Rescue Journal

here comes dasha and dexter and donatello and darby....

Carol  ·  Aug. 22, 2011

sounds like a freaking christmas song.

so..the parvo pups are here and i will admit they are pretty freaking cute.
but they are a pain in the ass. and..... i think i slightly broke one.

is rescue like a gift broke it so you bought it? geez..i hope not.

anyway...i had a plan in place for bedtime for them. i would make up their canned food and stick in their meds and place each individual bowl in a feeding crate with each individual puppy. and while they were eating their dinner, i would clean up their freaking mess. then they could come out and have a nice (and clean) romp around before settling to sleep in their beds.

it was a good plan.

all went well til i put them in their crates....donatello and dexter grasped the whole plan quite well and cleaned up their dinners in three seconds flat. dasha sat looking at her bowl and said, "i am not eating that canned medical food crap." darby had a freaking fit..."please open the door right away..i can't possibly eat when i am shut in here..hurry, hurry, let me out, my little heart is breaking..." (no that is not the part i slightly broke...that part comes later in the story.)

anyway..i stuck by my guns because i believed it WAS a very good plan. i cleaned up their mess, put down fresh papers..tossed out the blankets that they had pooped and peed on (come on you guys!!! no toiletting on the beds!!!) i washed the floor and filled up their dry food and water bowl and all was now ready for them.

donatello and dexter got out first cuz they had eaten their dinners. dasha came next and i sat down and held her on my lap and hand fed her. once she was done i put her down with her brothers and brought out little darby and sat down again to hand feed the last of them.
all was going well til suddenly darby decided she wanted to play with her brothers and sister. with one hand holding her bowl and one hand slimey with intestinal diet dog food, she launched herself off my lap before i could grab her.

she hit the floor on her right shoulder, lay there and cried piteously. OMfreakingG...i killed her!!!!
i scooped her up and kissed her all over and told her i was so sorry and she was pretty damn stupid. she licked my face over and over. i gently set her back on the floor and she sat there with her paw up in the air.

you have got to be kidding my first thirty minutes with them..i actually broke one????? yvette was going to kill me.

i picked her up and set her on the karunda bed and tried to jolly her into forgetting she hurt herself. she rolled, she played, she whacked me with both of her front feet and she continued to lick my face.

a few minutes later she was tenderly weight bearing...she limped over to the papers and had a pee and then limped back to the bed again and laid there looking at me accusingly while chewing on a toy.

i am not sure if her injury is just temporary..if she is still limping tomorrow i will take her into the vet.

yvette if you are reading this...if i broke her, don't worry, i will keep her..she is kind of my favorite now anyway.

apparently i suck in puppy care.



it's a farther fall for a puppy than an adult dog.... but as you know, puppies are wash and wear.
we had a similar situation with our Joanie (shitz shu cross). i gave her a shove to put her on her back (she was being too dominant and mean with the other dogs) and she started screaming as if i pulled her leg off. it made all of us panic, and we ran to the vet with her sobbing all the way.
she was fine. nothing was broken, there was a little swelling, and she was completely fine the next day.
we were concerned, though, because when she was a tiny puppy (before we adopted her) she had a terrible fracture of her leg. she had bolts and a length of metal put in and all. (it still bothers her now when the weather is bad, just like a person who has such injuries. makes her crabby to the other dogs).
they're tough, puppies, just like babies.


i just wanted to know the breed, so i can picture what these little guys look like when i hear about them, thats all, sorry, no puppies for me! :)


Hey, I didn't break any of my foster puppies - and I had them for 10 weeks! :)


They are pom-dashie crosses, interested? They will be up for adoption again once they are finished recovery. :) TG Foster Mom.


Hi Carol, don't worry, haven't we all dropped a baby on their heads at some time in our life and so far he is normal. Oh too much info! LOL I love you for what you do and what you are doing for the babies. Thank you, G.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I think the word is out there - the pups heard that if they play the "victim" role they can get PIZZA instead of gooey medical mush.

Lisa B.

I'm sure she's not broken and glad to know they're worming their way into your heart ; ) Your blog cracked me up!

I foster for TG and my first criteria is older than 6 or 7 months. I don't foster pups but really admire those who take them on. You're a hero to many TG fans for taking those 4 into your already very busy life at Saints.


Carol - are you still needing newspapers? Will the puppies be there for awhile, I have some I can bring Sunday


as do older kimberley, erin, and anne know. they got their money in pretty damn fast. lol i think even laura knew i was very pissed off.


carol, i have not met a person that would take in 4 sweet parvo puppies and care for them. we all love you for that. you are the best, you are our carol, on another note i had just asked a so called friend for 20 dollars for the fundraiser and the cheap bastard said he was in financial difficulties. i hope he reads this and do not screw me, when it comes to saints i can be ruthless.