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Take Me Home Tuesday Feature (Repeat): Return of the Mac

Jenn  ·  Aug. 22, 2011

Sorry all, but this is a repeat Take Me Home Tuesday Feature of Mac. Beginning on Tuesday April 26, 2011. I began doing a Take Me Home Tuesday Feature for all of our amazing adoptable animals to help match them up with wonderful forever homes. Being a senior and special needs animal rescue, SAINTS gets more admission than adoption requests. I wanted to showcase the wonderful and loving animals we have here--who really have so much more love and life left in them. So far this initiative has been a huge success, I leveraged it with the beginning of a new position--Adoption Coordinator. Dawn a former SAINTS foster mom bravely took on this new role and has done an amazing job, matching saints animals with forever homes and helping to adopt out a record number of animals. Of the 17 animals featured on the Take Me Home Tuesday--6 have been adopted into wonderful homes. I have recently been promoted at work and will be taking on a lot more in addition to a longer commute to work at a new office. With the others duties I do for saints such a photographs, volunteer coordinator and my role on the events committee I am going to need to scale back the feature animals initiative. Creating, editing and posting the video every week is a lot of work and time commitment. Therefore, I would like your feedback on this. I was thinking about scaling it back to once a month. Therefore "take me home tuesdays" is no longer an appropriate name. Do you have any suggestions for a snappy name for a once a month adoptable animal feature?

So ya, hence ... the repeat this week folks but I choose Mac because he is just such a fantastic cat I cannot believe someone has not already snatched him up. I was just up there on Sunday snuggling with him. He is my favorite kind of cat: solid, fluffy, loves to have his head kissed and to be held. He has also recently started venturing out of the dog free zone into the kitchen area. Therefore we know he is also good with dogs :)

Mac at the pound.


Mac is 10 or 12 years old. He was abandoned living in the bush up north trying to survive on his own for a long time. When the pound found him he was so beaten up they did not think he was worth salvaging. Luckily a rescuer contacted SAINTS rescue and asked us to take him. He was flown down and has since recovered and is a great cat. He gets along great with the other animals and really loves people. He has no heath issues we are aware of and would be a great addition to any home.


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to adopt Mac please email

If you are unable to adopt one of our SAINTS’ animals how about sponsoring one or better yet joining the 1000 saints movement. With your support we can continue to help animals like Mac who have no where else to go receive medical care and have a good ending to their lives.

and of course you can always help by voting for S.A.I.N.T.S. Mission, BC Canada in the Petfinder’s Shelter Challenge (vote once a day).



Yes, Karen's got the right idea! "The Monthly Match-up" or "Matchmaker Monthly".


Oh Karen those are some great ones :) I knew I could count on our blog readers to come up with some great stuff ... such cleaver blog readers LOL. Keep the suggestions coming ... Thanks.


Hmmm, playing with alliteration: "Marvel of the Month" or "Meet Your Match Monthly".


ooops I meant to press save draft and post tomorrow am but I pressed publish haha oh well its been a long day. I guess its tuesday a few hours early :)