Rescue Journal

sorry i didn't post earlier...

Carol  ·  Aug. 23, 2011

i was watching "jane erye"...really well done. i have loved that book since i was a kid...they did a great job on the movie.

the pups are all good...for freaking fuzzy pirhanas. they ripped the shit out of my foot covers, gloves and isolation gown at bedtime...apparently i am now a chew toy. man those little buggers have sharp teeth and nails and they swarm you too..."HEY!...A HUMAN IS HERE!!!"
anyway tonight at least it was me that got damaged rather than a puppy...i feel better about that.

and those pups are not the least bit ill (except their stools are still loose)..they have a ton of busy and frantic puppy energy....thank god they are only here for a couple of weeks. if i let those maniacs loose at saints...all of us old fogies would soon be in our graves.

tess is on flagyl and her bloodwork should be back tomorrow. and with merry, we just continue on as we have been for now.

tomorrow cliff goes in along with the cherry pit...she needs a follow up check to make sure this time her urinary tract infection is totally gone.

it was a quiet movie night...not much happening which is good....peace and quiet are nice for a change.