Rescue Journal

yours, mine and ours...

Carol  ·  Aug. 24, 2011

i have to be really careful not to get too attached to those pups. so even tho i will hold them, kiss them and play with will only be in conjunction with providing their care needs. the real reason i pretty much hate puppies? it has to do with the responsibility. all of the animals who come into my care can expect that i will remain responsible for them, for the rest of their lives. puppies lives are for a very long time. most of the pups i loved and placed in the past are reaching upwards now into their senior years and for their entire lives thus far, i have wondered and worried,,,did i get it right in the homes that i placed them in? some i know are chicklet..every once in awhile i hear from her famly about her. but there are others who have been swallowed up by time and distance and family moves and i don't hear about them anymore and even 10 or 15 years later, they hover around in the back of my mind. since these temporary pups hail from another responsible rescue...i won't need to worry about them which i think is totally good...(as long as i don't fall in love with them cuz the heart makes you responsible even if you don't want to.)

and then there are my guys...frodo, dixie, daphne, phoebe, benny and june (plus all of the ones i have lost in the past.) i can't even explain the difference in how i feel about them in my personal life because i have all of them by actual conscious choice. some of them may have been previous rescues who came here like all of the others cuz there was nowhere else for them. but once i made that personal committment...our relationships became different then with the other rescued animals here. the love of actual family is far different than any other love that there is...i just can't define what the actual difference is.

and then there is ours....the love that is deep and committed but it has another layer of understanding that it belongs to all of us the special bonds the formed between mo and cole, jelly and KO, lynne and lucas and so many others.

i was telling mo last week that i seriously had considered adopting mystic...i love that dog...inside i feel like her mom and she is my special baby. but thats just how i feel....everyone else here feels the same...mystic is so very special to EVERYONE here. mystic belongs to all of us...everything about her is far too big for just me. the love of mystic is equally shared. and she is not the only one..there are others like squirt who we all share. but i think she is the biggest and for us, the most obvious one, simply because we all loved her knowing we would all suffer her terrible loss together one day.

all of the animals, temporary or permanent are part of the saints family...yours, mine and ours. it is an interesting cross over of relationships..the intensely personal and the shared feelings of the entire group.
KO and jenn also adore my daphne and daphne adores both of them right back again, tammy and phoebe have always had a truly special bond, and lynne even after taking copper home, had to still share my love for him. benny and carly have a bond that existed before me. squirt and mystic are special to all of us here..each of us fell in love with them equally.

hah!...but i think i am the only one who truly loves dixie...cuz dixie thinks EVERYONE (including me)...totally sucks...she only loves back the other cats like tang, mango and sunny...dixie may well be the only one here that loves not a single human...which is ok too. it is what makes dixie even more special to me.



oh but bunny, i so bet it was worth it! who among us can deny that fluffy baby anything? as for dixie-chick, i dont LOVE her, but i certainly respect her. and while shes not my favourite, shes not my least fave either.

Bunny Horne

Here's my Mystic story and trust me - everyone has a Mystic story. I was scheduled to do "non-weekend warrior tasks" so I dressed differently - I thought there is no way I am going to get dirty today, no cow poop on me, no Percy green gobby kisses all over - so I shall wear a nice t-shirt, shorts and my good running shoes. I was on site at 9 am - at 9:02 a soaking wet, muddy Mystic came flying towards me, lauched herself into the air and landed splat on my chest planting a sopping wet Mystic kiss on my face. At 9:05 am KO arrived and asked "have you been her for a while?." "No, why do you ask?" "Because you are so dirty I thought you might have started early."


Ok geez that post made me cry some tears of joy! I love how mystic ,even when shes dirty,jumps on me as if to say..."I know I'm dirty,but I want to play!Look heres my toy :)"
I may not know any of the cats,but I got to meet Stripes and I think it was James Bond,before they passed.I really liked those 2 kittys :)


Thank you for your ongoing care of the pups. Well said, I feel responsible for them the moment they are loaded in my car. Firstly, I drive a little slower. Their happiness for the short time they are with me in my home is very important and when it's time for them to go to their furever home, I worry and I wonder how they are and if our choice of family has been the right choice. When I let go, I sometimes hope that their adoption will fail and that they have to come back to me. Fate will have spoken. You do what is more difficult, taking them through the years remaining and I am still in awe of how you manage. They are all lucky to have you and your staff making sure they are happy and loved until they are no longer able to walk in this world. SAINTS is truly a gem in a world that very often does not value the elderly. My hat if off to you.