Rescue Journal

sometimes i am a hag too....but unlike phoebe i can actually bury it and not flip out cuz someone is being stupid.

Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2011

i was completely bagged yesterday...i was truly thankful it was finally friday!

fergus the doornob was politely escorted out of my room at midnight last night...i had to move him extremely softly and gently and respectfully.... because honestly i was SO ready to kill the little bastard and i didn't want him to know.
but how many times can the same dog trip going up and down the exact same bed stairs in a row??? one step up..trip and scrabble up the next, bark at the ball that just fell off of the step down and slip and scrabble again...bark at the ball that just rolled under the bed.....and repeat and repeat the whole process...over and over again!

i ain't no saint but even if i was..i would still have been justified in murdering the clumsy little ball seeking freak. kind and non violent banishment was the far better option...since there were no balls or stairs in the kitchen BOTH fergus and i finally slept.

whoever bred that sweet and innocent dog...totally sucked at including functioning brains and balance and body coordination in their breeding program.

fergus is patiently and amusingly tolerable as a bed buddy on most days but not on a desperately thankful it is finally friday when i REALLY need some sleep....cuz on those kind of days...dumb doggy murder is just a few too many barks and scrabbling mis-steps away.

i told him when i patted him good-night...i loved him dearly BUT...the kitchen was far safer....(and farther away) and a better bed room for him last night...sigh...he is such a sweet and trusting dog that he believed me and was ok with it too.

maybe tonight if i am not so exhaustedly fragile...he can come back into the bedroom....or maybe was a VERY quiet night with him gone. hmmmm....i could easily get used to that.


elaine erickson

Oh yes I have spent many nights with Fergus and the ball and I miss every one.Fergies Mom used to tip her living room chairs oh their sides because he would nose the ball under and then sit and bark.She also got rid of the couch because it was too big to tip.Oh yes our Fergus I miss him dearly and would put up with the ball head again if I only could have 4 dogs.I considered putting the ball in a mesh bag and tying it on an elastic around his collar so that he could always know where it is ha ha he would eat the bag and lose the ball.


posting on the blog because i couldnt find anyone nearby at the time...i left a cheque given by a lady who came up with her partner for a tour today (remember the ladies that were late cause they got lost laura?) anyways i left the cheque on the desk in noelles room and written on the paper under it is the addy to send the tax receipt (please). on that same piece of paper (other side) is the info about the $15 cash that the cheque is with. sorry, woulda been easier to explain in person:)

Bunny Horne

He's a spaniel, they are sweet and adorable and stupid as a stick. I had one for many many years and other than his colour he was pretty much Fergie in a nutshell.

SHEILA/JENN - I'm mailing you a cheque for $30 from Anne Marie Roberts - maybe you can put it towards a Gala group sponsorship of the new felines if they don't have a sponsor.


LOL I totally understand. When Fergus used to board at the vet i work at, he would push his ball under the gate to his kennel and spend the whole day barking till his his throat hurt.