Rescue Journal

ahhh..i just woke up.

Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2011

i actually slept away almost the entire afternoon! amazing what a single gravol will do for you! thank you so much to the weekend warriors for taking such good care of saints (and me!) today!!!!

we ran out of water briefly..but the water truck got here fairly early so that was good. ashley did up the puppies this morning and gloria (TG foster mom) spent lots of time with them today so i was free to ignore the little buggers which was really great too!
jenn brought me fruit and pop and gravol and a movie and then made me do a brief interview (we are applying for the AVIVA grant contest again) and she had a media friend who is doing up the video for our submission.

sheila came to do some gala business stuff and brought patrick with her. i have always really liked patrick...he is one of those difficult dogs who was so very lucky to find a great and understanding home with sheila and leila. he is starting to look pretty old now and he always seems to really like coming is busy and different. i was pretty impressed that he actually was fine about coming in the house. he laid by her feet while she worked on the computer..he really is a very great dog.

she got to meet benny and june...she said she thought june was beautiful! sheila also said that watching june play down at the would never know she is the least bit shy...she just seemed like such a happy and normal dog. and benny? anyone can see benny is just a totally cool in every way dog!

i made tammy and brenda move monty over to the medical room. he is hiding in the house too much and he is too hard to find most of the time and i want to be able to watch him closer. apparently both brenda and tammy shed some blood over his move but they got the job done and now monty is in a pen where i can actually find him and see how he is doing.

next week is week three so we can start re-testing the new cats and getting them out of cages. granny and floie go into the vets tomorrow for their surgeries. i still need to get yoda and jedi and tina in for dentals..i actually had forgotten about them til ashley reminded me today that i haven't had them in to the vets yet.
meanie sweetie went home with carol ann...i am so hoping she is a good girl and leaves her meanie half behind her now that she found herself such a great home. i told carol ann several times...keep her away from the little dogs!

well i bettter go and brave saints bedtime chores..i hope it doesn't kill me. once i am done, i am looking forward to another hot bath and then going right back to bed again!



Carol Ann, glad to know all is going well so far - you're a trooper too! and thank you for staying today and helping us out in the house - much appreciated!


My boy Sam has no front claws so he gets me with his teeth and Monty has no teeth so he gets me with his front claws. All in all it evens out, I guess.
Monty's a great cat, he half settled in the pen and ate a whole can of Fancy Feast (fish flavoured is his favorite).

Carol Ann

ok not to worry everything is fine here. the 3 big dogs seem just fine with sweetie. and sweetie is not allowed on the side of the house that belongs to eli and angus. Sweeties first thing was to pee on dionne's bed and then went off to my bedroom and is spending all her time on my bed and lola seems just fine with that. I am proud of her for being such a sharing girl. :) Carol I hope it helps now to be able to open that door between the kitchen and computer room.


I have to say that Tammy bore the brunt of Monty's claws more than I did - I tried initially to get him into a crate on my own, and gave up after my hand was bleeding in a few spots. Then I went to find the expert (Tammy) and she really put up with a lot of clawing and spitting and hissing getting him into the crate. (I was just holding the door open for her). Tammy, you're a trooper! She told me after that he has no teeth; he apparently doesn't need then to defend himself - his claws do just fine!! Anyway, I'd rather stick to moving dogs around thank you. Oh, I got to see each of the parvo puppies on their own when Gloria was there today, bringing each one out for a bit of sunshine in her arms. They are adorable!