Rescue Journal

i had such a terrible night last night...

Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2011

i am not even sure it was real...maybe it was one of those nightmares that every cell in your body could feel.
real or not...last night i was horribly ill...a high fever, chills that rattled my teeth and drove me twice into a boiling hot bath, painful bones and joints and nausea...thank god no puking tho cuz puking is gross when you don't feel well. my skin is so tender from the fever last night that while my face and arms look fine..they feel sunburned so that makes me think it wasn't a was probably real.

whatever...i slept in til 815 today...and i think i feel ok or at least better......but geez last night was freaking weird.

i have no idea what those animals were up to all night long..i see this morning they shit everywhere and i don't really care all that much. last night was all about me and how shitty i was feeling...their shittiness was not my current problem. plans for today the diabetics and meds...,oh and skip breakfast..i don't think eating right now is a great idea...put away all of the laundry in my room...get jenn to pick me up some gravol and a thermometer on her way out here....change the sheets on my bed and then get into that bed and stay there til barn bedtime tonight.
whether last night was real or nightmare...i feel beat up, sore and tired today so i am going to try to take it easy.



Hope you get feeling better soon Carol! I'm still sick too with a cold :(


sure I will pick you up those things but call me RE: video interview today plz. thanks :)