Rescue Journal

one rule for everyone.

Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2011

i have a philosphy as far as new dogs here...while i fully understand that some pretty shitty things happened in their lives and some of them lived thru some horrible times...quite frankly..i don't give a shit.
they all have to learn to live

june and shane just started to escalate into a full out fight and that pisses me off. and i don't really care that june is shy and afraid of people and i am the only one currently that she trusts...she just got into as deep of shit as shane did over that fight.
be nice and i will be so kind and gentle with you...get into a fight and you better run cuz i am going to let you know in no uncertain terms that you just crossed a dangerous line.

june tried to hide behind benny...he may be big but he is not stupid..he slithered right out of the way. shane decided retreat was the better part of valor and disappeared out the dog door as fast as he could. shane spent the next five minutes sticking his head back in to check on my mood. he finally decided it was safe enough to come back in and suck up to me for a minute or two. and while june has sucked up well too...she keeps looking at shane with the pissed off hairy eye ball and then she gets into trouble again. i KNOW what she is thinking and i DON'T like it at all.

benny however is truly a great dog. the second the trauma was over, he was at my feet offerring to shake a paw. "don't be mad is ok..i am your good (and well behaved) friend." once he was satisfied the anger was not in any way directed his way he went right back to having a nap that the two morons and the pissed off human had previously disturbed.

i honestly do not know why june is developing a hate on for shane, shane is a good dog. he is a nice dog and she is a good and nice dog too so everything between them should be ok.

whatever....i don't really care except to insist that whatever they feel about each other and whatever buttons the other one pushes.... damn well better not turn into violence because i absolutely will not tolerate that from matter how shitty their life was before they came here.

one consistently enforced single simple not disturb the peace here.... or like noelle, jelly and puff daddy...suddenly someone (like june) may find herself very unhappily living alone somewhere. and she wouldn't like that at all.

another week and she can be spayed and maybe the thing she has going with shane will just fade away.
hope floats.



no..but if you find someone, please let me know cuz we still need to re-fence the bottom field one of these days.


Carol, do you know anyone reputable who does dog runs and farm fencing? the SPCA was of little help, so the only other option is to create a dog run to keep out the other dog.