Rescue Journal

dinner part 2

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2011

part 1 is currently on the kitchen floor being eaten by the dogs...thanks to that gawd damn new busy body counter cat silver.

i took part one out of the microwave and was trying to scoop it into a bowl (for me..not for the cat!) silver was sure i wasn't doing it right and INSISTED on helping me GET it right (this means he wanted it all for himself.)
well besides the very obvious fact that it was for me and not for him and i didn't want his freaking face or paws in my food...i was also seriously worried because it was freaking steaming hot and i did not want to burn him.

but that little bastard cared naught for what i wanted...he wanted it so he was going to get it at any cost.
in frantic desperation i grabbed it away...and silver flung out his paw to grab it back and he knocked the bloody thing right out of my hand and onto the floor which was suddenly full of eager and hungry vacuuming shitz heads.

yeah..thanks so much silver ya freaking food interferring fruitcake..there goes dinner one and you ARE NOT getting any of it or of dinner number two (when it is finished cooking) either.
jeezus chaos on a counter..that gluttonous cat is way worse than any dog...including minnie pearl!



Yea on a new kitchen King!!! He just wants to constantly remind you that he is boss and must know everything going on in his kingdom. Bow down to the new Lord of the Kitchen. lol


Sounds like Long John Silver and Scrappy have a lot in common. Any food in your hand must be taken dead or alive.


Yes, Long John Silver is aptly named - He is always busy plundering and pillaging anything on the kitchen counter!


how about we trade sebastion back for long john silver???...oh shit,and duh!!! freaking wonder! i named him after a pirate cat so of course he now thinks he has to cause chaos and thieve!

i should have named him something peaceful like "sleeping silver moon."

Ann C

omg I am laughing so much, he did the same thing to me when I was feeding the dogs and knocked the food and the spoon right out of my hand. Then he was hanging on the other end of the laundry as I was trying to fold it, I think we have a new lord of the kitchen!!Carol I hope your second round of dinner was more successful.

Angela H.

We have found out that Sebastian likes people food! Every time I'm in the kitchen, he comes in and looks at me like he's starving and gets very excited because he thinks I'm making him something to eat!

Carol Ann

we were having problems with him yesterday too. He pushy faces everything off the counter. so putting full cans of food there is a no no he could kill a little dog with that. He pushed the dirty dog dishes onto the floor and made a terrible noise. and he doesn't only want your water but he gets right in the sink so you can't even dump anything. He is a riot lol and he helps with the laundry too.