Rescue Journal

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Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2011

i think i am fully recovered from whatever hit me the other night...which is a good thing cuz i was whining on friday about a joint visit (a double whammy with a doctor AND a clinician!) on my schedule at work ...not really a huge fan of joint visits, they are always long and a lot of extra work! if i had still been sick today, work probably would have thought my whining bore cowardly absentee fruit!

this would be the main problem with my life-long tendency to cheerfully whine about day whining about something previously is going to prove damn if i happen to truly be sick.
ah well didn't happen today so that is good.

i checked on monty at bedtime..poor guy was hiding in the back of his cat tent. it occurs to me that even tho he was only moved approx. 50 feet...he thought he had been abandoned in a whole new place. anyway...he came out purring when he heard me and checked out the window sill while he ate so i think he will be ok now that he knows i am still around here somewhere and knows where he is now too.

i forget sometimes that what is such a simple solution for me..may not be such a simple thing for them too.

today on my break i will be scouting around for some back feet gripping boots for minnie pearl...she is sort of, barely...ok hardly at all but a little... back up on her feet now but it is like she is ice skating..those legs are sliding this way and that way which is not good. minnie pearl is a hard one cuz currently from her back end forward she is as perky and crazy and interested in being part of everything as before. so i can't really nuke her cuz she can't get her back end to cooperate and stay off of the floor.

i need to call the vets to come and look at pops hoof...a good chunk is breaking off and needs to be fixed, STILL waiting on the ferrier...he is great and the best BUT he lives in his own weird and extended time warp (kind of like me with paying bills and doing paperwork...) and takes FOREVER to get back out here to put on pops (already made) ortho shoe.
and i better start making appointments for re-testing the new cats now too.

ok...time to quit dicking around and get my butt into work.



I have a pair of back feet gripping boots that I had bought for Bernard and it did make it easy for him to get up when he allowed me to put them on. But Bernard was an 80 lbs GSD so I think they may be too big for Minnie Pearl unless she has has exta ordinary large feet for a dog her size.