Rescue Journal

the duh in rescue

Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2011

honestly for supposedly the worlds highest functioning species...we kind of suck at figuring out the simplest of things.

like the very real time and money costly consequences of walking past and ignoring a box hundreds of times in 8 days.

so this particular box showed up last tuesday and was placed in plain sight on the walkway between the mp and shop building. it was full of clean, neatly folded wool blankets.

it should have been a good place to leave it...a main traffic route with many people (including myself,) many times a day walking by. and there it sat, day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day...including the 6th and 8th day when it rained.

now the box is full of many heavy and wet wool blankets (because of the size and the least 3 washer machine loads full) that all need to be rewashed, dried and refolded again before they can be put away.

so how much wasted water is that?...a lot. how much electricity will the washer and dryer waste?..large wool blankets take a long time to dry. how much work time that we have to pay will that add on to our staff wages....probably at least an extra couple of hours.

all because a very obvious box sat ignored on the walkway by everyone for 8 freaking days.

i think that is a pretty big duh in rescue.



too late! i already picked it up and tossed it into the shop's laundry bin. besides..why should you solely have to bear the brunt of the work, the time and the cost because of multiple brain farts going on up here?
dum-dum moments have is how we learn.


carol leave the box where it is i will come by and get it tomorrow, probably not until eary afternoon but no worries. i will get it