Rescue Journal

ok..think about this really hard...

Carol  ·  Sep. 2, 2011

finding the possible answer is a puzzle, a maze and it probably isn't the first obvious thing that pops into your head. take the time to really think about peel back all of the layers and see if the answer is even hiding deep in the center...or is it just not there?

what do we do with all of the current and up and coming unwanted pets?

the public shelters are full. the private shelters and rescues are full and we are all turning animals away. you can't give them away free to any decent people with an ad in the paper cuz A. the decent folks don't want them cuz they have pets of their own and B. the bad guys who do want them will pretend to be good and do something terrible to the pet anyway.
the vets won't put them down very much any more..i think they got tired of murdering helpless animals on weak human whims. and the current homes have already decided they are booting them out of the door which is probably a good thing cuz no animal should be made to live where they are not wanted either.

so if you can't toss them into a shelter or a rescue and you can't give them away, and you can't kill them at the vets and they can't stay where they are...where do the poor buggers go?????

it is too late to say spay and neuter and don't breed anymore...cuz millions of them are already born. and there is no point in saying that pets are forever so you have to keep them even when you no longer want them cuz that kind of sucks for the pet to live in a home that views them with resentment and regret...i am sure they would like a home that actually wants them.

it really doesn't matter if the excuse for unloading the pet is totally understandable or totally still means another one is homeless with absolutely no where to go.
so if you take away all of the blame...and if you take away all of the should haves or should do's and if you take away all of the options for getting rid of them cuz there is reaching a point where there just ain't any...what exactly are the getting rid of the pet families going to do???

it is kind of scary to me when i think of it like that....does anyone know the answer to this?..i sure as hell don't.



When animals are no longer considered commodities, and when the repercussions for abandoning and abusing them become unbearable for the perpetrators, when it becomes a privilege, not a right, to keep an animal, and when human beings evolve to become a completely compassionate species, thats when the homeless pet problem will no longer exist.

When pigs fly. Won't be in my lifetime. Perhaps the Abolitionists have the right idea.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

That is what I think too - education is the key. We have to start with the kids. Compassion and respect for ALL needs to be taught in schools; as all kids are born savages - we have to civilize them. With education comes responsible pet care and spay/neuter follows. We can only hope and pray it is so.

Bunny Horne

Humans get rid of animals because we have become accustomed of getting rid of everything. We don't seem to want to be inconvenienced at all or to even work at anything be it relationships with our critters, our siblings, our parents, our partners or our friends.
I know of people that pass their pets from family member to family member and I can`t imagine how horrible it must be for the animal. People take other people and dump them at the curb like a bag of trash - why would they not do the same with animals. Few people seem to be capable of making commitments to other humans or animals. What a great question, Carol, unfortunately I don`t think it has an answer.


There is no easy immediate answer. I think all you can do is be an example by the things you do in helping to the extent of your abilities. A lot of people get really pissed off if you harangue them as a result treating the animals even worse than before. Frequently the situation in rescue is overwhelming like the story of the king who sat and commanded the tide to stop coming in and ended up drowning. Hopefully if enough people set a good example it will gradually rub off and grow.A centuries old mind set has to be changed and in the meanwhile it would be nice if school courses would include the ethical treatment of all creatures - two legged or four.


I remember a quote from my favorite horse movie "Black Beauty".He(ok well the narrarator)said "We don't get to chose the people in our lives.For us, it's all chance."

I wish I had an answer as to why we humans get rid of animals.They are not garbage to just throw away.

Carol Ann

That is why I have so many. It is all I can do till I win a lottery lol


i do not know the answer, it so totally sucks for these poor animals. they had no choice in where they went, they are the ones to suffer and people are the only ones that can help. i just read in the paper about the humane society and how someone had left a mama cat and her kittens outside the center in a plastic pail with no holes for them to breathe and all but one, who is probably brain dead, died. how can our society justify that. what is so wrong with people that they justify the suffering of innocent animals. i find it so cruel and upsetting but i do not know what to do. the innocents in this word, be them animals or humans always suffer at the hands of our so called intelligent society. and it is not only our domestic animals but our wildlife who suffer. why do people think they are the most important people on this earth and they are the only ones that matter, because that is what really does come across. i would so like to see a world where all animals and people are equal. i guess i am looking for utopia and hopefully one day it will happen. shit life sucks for so many.