Rescue Journal

heads up to weekend warriors...

Carol  ·  Sep. 3, 2011

i will probably be gone to pick up the new border collie, abby, by the time you get here and should be back by 11 am. sheila (or someone else will be bringing buddy (the chocolate lab) this morning. if i am not home yet..please just put him jelly's entranceway til i get home and i will start the intro process then.

there is a temporary new cat in the cage (clover) in the medical room..he is just here for follow up medical care of a lanced and draining abcess until after the long weekend and then he returns back to his home.


Bunny Horne

MO - we`re bringing water tomorrow and salad fixin`s for KO`s feathered flock of friends.
Jenn - I`ll put the newspapers in the room for the caged birds.
CAROL - we`ve got $25 for you so if you are around tomorrow can you see Brent or I.
MO & Carol - Brent is bringing out the shelves for the food room and don`t worry MO, you will still be able to open the freezers.