Rescue Journal

the last run of the day

Carol  ·  Sep. 4, 2011

since i wasn't being beaten, scratched, bitten, and generally abused by cheerful vampire puppies tonight..i thought my guys would enjoy an evening run. i took noelle, puff fatty and abby out individually and then braved my own large pack of too cheerful beasts.

minnie pearl really wanted to come, but her back end is so messed up i just didn't want to risk having to carry her up the hill from the pond. and while i was thinking about it..i really did not want to deal with a soaking wet and muddy mystic and june bug at bedtime either.

so i thought a good compromise for minnie pearl, mystic and june was to take the dogs to the upper field for their evening run. i ended up taking most of the usual dogs...i counted so i didn't leave anyone out there and there were 17 out on the run.

mystic and june are the very best of friends and they play very roughly. reminder to self to get mystic's collar off her because i twice saw june with her mouth under it and pulling mystic around. collars on dogs who play by grabbing each other necks is VERY dangerous (someone could get their jaw broken or strangled to death)..better to just take them off. anyway..i might as well not have bothered avoiding the pond...mystic went and stood in the water trough and then both she and june were rolling around and wrestling in the dirt so june got wet and dirty too.

i told mo is a good thing that our puffy mystical puppy is virtually boneless...playing with june is like playing with a football player, mystic gets tackled a hundred times during their games.

minnie pearl hobbled and wobbled there ok and then just wandered and farted around...she dug a hole under the green water thing and had a really good time.

buddy laid between my legs, jerry snarled and snapped at anyone who came near my back.benny found a dusty ellie mae hole and rolled around in it for awhile. jesse and joey got lost down in the bottom field cuz they were too stupid to follow the rest of us. by the time they made it back to the right side of the fence, we were all ready to head home again. the rest of the guys just puttered around and enjoyed the evening, free to be dogs (this means they were eating a lot of fresh horse poop...oh..yum.)

it was a nice way to end the day because tomorrow i am back to work until (gulp!) friday again....i hate my mondays to fridays...except i won't hate working tomorrow, it is a super stat and that means double time and a half!

heads up...a couple of housekeeping things...there is now a laundry tub sink outside of the office with running water. it is NOT hooked up to a drain so you can't wash dishes there or pour out water but you CAN fill water jugs and buckets which will save walking way over to the shop.
abby can go out on the runs with the dogs BUT she MUST be in her harnass and on a leash. her harnass is hooked to the kitchen/jelly's room door and is a step in harnass with the loop going over her head. play with it a bit before you try to put it on so you know how it goes...once you figure it out, it is pretty simple and she is nice and calm (cuz she is smart and wants to go for a walk!) while you are putting it on.


Carol Ann

Anne took the harness off abbey. We had a good day today. Benny is so smart i think he does understand everything you say to him. June is getting better and Buddy remembered me from Saturday. He is a doll.


oh crap i think abby still has her harness on unless someone took it off. took minnie pearl and tessa over to the mp gardens, minnie pearl wobbled around a llittle bit then came for sit down hugs. tessa was fun to watch. she saw the light reflections from the windchimes and was barking at them, very alert and attentive. she wanted them a lot. wish jenn could have been out there with her camera. june actually let me pet her but lol that was because she was on the couch and had nowhere to go. she was okay with it. had a great day at saints work went fast then had time for the critters. carol got some of your peaches will attempt a peach cobbler. hah, never made one before so you are the guinea pig.


her and me both!

you guys are pretty nice (and innocent) i actually felt almost, possibly, a little bit bad for whining so much about those little buggers that you guys brought me stuff!

most folks are so used to my whining and fussing that no one brings me stuff anymore....when i suck in new innocent, nice folks i could feel a tiny bit guilty if i wasn't so happy to once again get some good tasting cookies and booze! anyway...thx so much!!!

oh...and polly..i need your full name and address to send the tax reciept for the donation to saints (thx for that too!)...send it to my email... and we will pop off the receipt to you.