Rescue Journal

mmm mmm good!

Carol  ·  Sep. 6, 2011

june and benny like chocolate pudding...a family that eats pudding together says mmm mmm good together:~) minnie pearl liked the pudding too. they should make pudding in one litre tubs so everyone here could have some mmm mmm good little tiny pudding cup only fed 4 of us..too utterly sad for everyone time i need to buy some more of those.

i picked up the new old 17 yr old cat today (the one who disappeared for 10 days and all of her stuff was given away.) saints welcomes skaters (sorry but that is a kind of pointlesss name!) and she is very pretty and sweet. eating for her is not going to be an issue..she immediately chowed down on a 2 buck a tiny can of food right away. elderly cat with refined and great taste!

well...everyone survived our first day without renee but then there were three 4 hour people doing her normal one 6 hour person job. once everyone is comfortable with their new roles we will re-evaluate the staffing levels and see how to work it all out.

ryan will be staying here and keeping a close eye on the place every day til i get home from work. hopefully we will sort all of that out too pretty damn soon...just need to educate myself on the available monitered survellience and security systems and pick the best one for saints.

buddy goes in to the vets this week..this poor dog has been pretty much starved (he has the skeleton head) for no other reason than it has been far too painful for him to eat because of his painful and abcessed teeth. and here is what really pisses me human would suffer ONE abcessed tooth for more than a week and yet...they will think nothing at all of letting their cat or their dog suffer from a MOUTHFUL of so painfully abcessed teeth that they just can't comfortably eat any more. that is pretty mean if you ask me. an animal not eating and seriously losing weight is a good and pretty obvious clue that they need to see a vet asap. oh well...he soon will feel 100% better so i guess that is what really counts now.

abby is doing really quite well now. she is seeking me out for affection (and treats) and is still cheerfully stalking the cats. apparently she has found herself a job here...observational hall moniter of all interesting and fascinating cats....whatever...none of the other dogs are too interested in that boring job. they would prefer to be the pudding or cookie or ice cream sandwich hall moniter cuz that gives them a free lunch.

yay we have water again...note to myself, keep a better track of how much water is left in the tank!

tonight for dinner, i am cooking in the toaster oven...vegetarian spring rolls with plum sauce. the dogs are thinking it smells pretty interesting but i told them it is vegetarian so don't get their freaking cooking meat hopes up cuz there ain't any meat in our nifty toaster oven, it just smells pretty damn good anyway.
more mmm mmm good coming our way!



This is a good deal for a security system

I can do the wiring & hook up too


I used to help my former boss do anestetic free dentals.I too have seen the extent people have left their dogs mouths/teeth.Some were pretty good and just need a brushing,while others required a vet to surgically remove the abcessed teeth! The new/old cat that came in...I think needs a new name. I don't like skaters as a name either.