Rescue Journal

rescue is trying to suck again.

Carol  ·  Sep. 6, 2011

since when did i start getting up before the sun again?

oh yeah..since it became september...where the heck is this year going? its fall already? wow talk about a time warp...every year goes faster, its crazy!

another month and we will have our own free water again...sigh...and a month or two after that the pipes will feeze.

which reminds me..i stretched the water tank too far with the holiday weekend so it is pretty close to empty...the water delivery is coming today...hopefully BEFORE the tank runs dry.

abby likes it when i chatter to her while she is telescoping on watching the cats...her eyes stay peeled on their fuzzy face but her ears listen to me while her tail gently wags. she is an odd dog...i only say this because i am having trouble figuring her out...can't see into her sharp border collie high functioning brain....border collie people would be better at that then me....i see better into the not so bright dogs heads...ohhh...she's got a cookie...and can i have it please?

the nice thing about me is i don't hold can try to bite my face on one day and the next day i will still like you (but i will keep my face away from your teeth.) a few months ago sheila and i were discussing temperment testings, and how the theory behind them is to do them when the animal is most stressed. that way you can see how they cope and react in adversity. personally i think both she and i agree it is a good way to turn some poor dog into toast...test them when they are most likely to fail.

sigh...i don't feel like going to work today..actually i think i want to stay home til next spring..renee has started her university classes three days a week and we have three fairly new staff. so i am going to be freaking out over the next few weeks and months while the new staff settle in, develop their routines and morph into old and experienced staff. it is a painful process for me....especially with all of the new dogs in and one of them being kind of stressed and for awhile at least...unpredictably sketchy.

on a safety note...with all of the recent cruelty seizures we have taken in lately and the resulting possible collisions of past and present lives..i have decided to extend staff hours to cover here until i get home from work each day. i have also decided to install security cameras to keep everyone safe. it is not like we can actually afford it but it is not like i am willing to take the risk of not doing it either. economically it sucks to be a distrusting, paranoid, safety freak but emotionally and responsibly it is far better to be safe than sorry.

ahh the happy and easy and warm and fuzzy face of rescue is just a mask to hide the hard work, worry, the problems, the fear and the pain of being responsible for others lives.

luckily, these animals are so wonderful (and vulnerable)...and they deserve the very best we can do...every single moment of every day to keep them happy, well cared for and safe from whatever..including unsafe, unstable, unhappy and/or painful past lives.



ya i can do that but carol might not agree. lol. also my dalmation went crazy trying to get the light from the flashlight. it did seem tess was really enjoying herself, laying in the sunshine, barking at the windchimes reflections. yes we will have to get her out with us. i hope minnie pearl is not declining too rapidly, she is a fiesty happy little girl,who still has lots of spirit and life in her. want her around for a while longer.


to be fair though, my mastiff chases reflections on the floor too. as for tess, lynne and i have never seen her move so fast! i think she was enjoying herself. shes going to become a regular saturday garden visitor, our group just got bigger lynne... maybe we should do less work to allow 2 trips out there, what do you think? (ha!)


As someone who's had border collies for years, when Abbey's watching the cats and listening to you, she may be waiting for you to give her instructions on what you want her to do with the cats.
Do you want them herded into the corner? or just the naughty-looking ones? Do you want her to move them into another room? If you don't want her do to anything and she can relax, just say, Good Girl, that'll do. And let her go on watching the interesting little animals.
I read in an earlier post that Tess is barking at the reflections from the wind chimes. I've seen bc's fixate on shadows or reflections. We had to stop taking one of our dogs to the beach because he'd try to stop the waves coming in and out. A border collie thing.
As a first time poster, I also want to say how much I enjoy your blogs, and really, really appreciate the work you're doing. thank you!