Rescue Journal

ho hum.

Carol  ·  Sep. 7, 2011

i bathed doris and wet mummy wrapped merry on my lunch break today. when i got home i bathed merry and she looks and feels pretty good...temporarily at least.

i let the dogs all out in shifts just now for their final pee breaks for the night. abby is doing really well..i let her out without her harnass and leash into the front yard and then called her when we were ready to come back in and she actually complied! yay abby...GOOD DOG!!!

as fat little bambi was wandering by..i checked and sure as shit she had another crusty eye. so i collected up the eye cleaning stuff and in my annoying sing song voice sang "bambi babe, come here, i want to clean your eye."

bambi ran away as fast as she could thru the kitchen and into the computer room, under the table and to the very back of the yoga mat to peer at me in total refusal over buddy's back.

if i had sing sung sang "bambi babe, come here and i will give you a cookie." she'd have knocked over everyone to get rapidly to my feet.

it sucks when your dogs learn to actually understand english.

deep sigh...i think i will call it a night and hopefully will not feel the need to toss any dogs out the window tonight. 2 more days til the weekend..yay cuz i don't care so much if i get crappy days off sleep!

oh..and that reminds me i forgot to post if anyone was willing and able to represent us at the spca paws for a cause event on sunday...approx 11-2? (i think???) in chilliwack? we have been invited..i am thinking of going but wouldn't mind some company especially someone who knows how to put up the tent!