Rescue Journal

utterly BEYOND disgusting...

Carol  ·  Sep. 9, 2011

i came home from work and said hi to cindy in the cage in the computer room and noticed her cage was all messed up..there was spilled litter everywhere..inside and outside on the table..because she is in a cage, she just has a little litter box and if she gets too enthusiastic about covering her poop shoots everywhere.

so fine..i found it..i clean it..i can't stand leaving that kind of mess anywhere near them..i wouldn't like it so i know they wouldn't like it either. and then i looked up at the window behind her and low and behold it was crawling with HUNDREDS of flies! (inside and between)...that was beyond disgusting, it bordered on putrid...god! i hate freaking flies.

i have no idea where they came from...they certainly weren't there last night. i moved cindy into the back cat rooms, kicked the dogs outside, broke down her cage, and proceeded to spray the bastards with hornet spray which was all i could find.
there are still a few live buggers left between the window double panes..i am waiting for them to all die so i can open and clean all the dead fly bodies up..i already cleaned up the ones on the window sills so i am feeling not so completely grossed out any more.

i still have to wash all of the windows tho when all are dead cuz now they are covered in hornet killer spray.

i am thinking the door to the cat run must have been open for part of the day...note to everyone...with this hot and busy fly weather...keep all of the doors tightly closed.

ok so you probably didn't want to hear about this but misery likes company and my feeling is..if i have to live it then supreme gross outs ought to be shared.