Rescue Journal

totally out to lunch....(soft moan.)

Carol  ·  Sep. 12, 2011

tammy tried to kill me yesterday...we went off to do the paws for a cause event in chilliwack...(so much fun watching all of those happy, happy dogs and their families!)....anyway she fed me a hotdog (and i can't remember the last time i ate a hotdog???) and then conned me into stopping for chips, grilled cheese sandwhiches and milkshakes on the way home.

i thought i was going to die. i came home and went straight to bed to suffer til bedtime chores and then went directly back to bed when i was done. this morning i still feel like i swallowed an entire greasy spoon diner.

now i know why gluttony is actually a sin.

luckily the animals were all pretty tired from their weekend of warrioring around with the volunteers so everyone cooperatively slept with me til 7 am this morning when i could finally roll my still overful, bloated and queasy self onto my feet. i do still feel sea wave too many and it is all coming back out.

i am never eating again.

anyway....i have no news for you cuz i don't have a clue what has been happening around here for the past 20 hours. i think we are all alive.... if not actually well....maybe i can update later when i know a bit more.


Bunny Horne

Carol, I think the difference here was that you didn't have Mini Pearl or Phoebe accompanying you to steal 3/4 of your meal and spill your milkshake. Your stomach isn't accustomed to an entire meal just for you.


Sorry, I read this and of course felt bad for you but then was a tad envious. You have obviously trained your body well! Wish crap food made me sick, then I wouldn't eat the damned stuff. But do hope you are feeling better Carol, Tammy is obviously an evil woman ;))


Okay wait a minute. The milkshake was all Carol's idea, and we all know that a milkshake is filling in itself. I had a nice meal idea and she overloaded it with the milkshake.
I think I'm fairly innocent here.


ahhh, the old gall bladder stress test! not much fun. sorry to hear you are under the weather; hope you feel much better soon.


i hope tess is feeling better today, she had a rough time yesterday. would not get off her bed in the corner, snapped at the dogs and did not want the cats coming over the gate. on a happier note, i took big bambi and shane out to the mp gardens and shane was frollicking around and chasing me just like a little puppy. big bambi just wanted lots of pets. hope you are feeling better. that is the problem when you do not eat a lot of that kind of food it really does affect your stomach. tastes good at the time but.....

Bunny Horne

BAD Tammy!!!! You should have stayed with the barn dudes - we had homemade fresh healthy sandwiches, home grown cucumbers from Penny's garden I think, cheese - no the dogs ate the cheese, strawberries - no Ellie ate the strawberries, and Smirnov's with Corona - yummy. You missed Percy almost dislocating KO's arm trying to consume the gigantic fresh cucumber she had. He then tried to give Allison and KO big slobbery green cucumber kisses. Hope you feel better today.