Rescue Journal

many hands make short work.

Carol  ·  Sep. 12, 2011

the cats were all shifted around today, tammy and helga plus all of the staff chipped in a bit here and there and then poof...everyone was well set up and moved.

there are now 14 cats in the new mp building frail/shy cat pen...even cali made the move and is doing well. the outside cat run is a really big hit and marvin went out all by himself to pee in the fresh sand and the sun...i bet that felt really good! a few of the cats are still in hiding...granny and marj are keeping out of the way. and we had to move skaters (whose new name is katie) back into a medical was all just too much for her but that is ok...we want her to feel safe and comfortable and if she needs a single pen for now that is just fine.

the felv's..mama t, cliff and rock are doing fine is interesting to suddenly get a whole new house with a couple of different and well organized for their comfort rooms. both the rock and cliff had been up in the chair and on my lap for cuddle time...i think they are really going to enjoy the extra foot traffic to and fro thru there....they are all such social and friendly guys.

puff fatty was a bit of a dick today...dionne said he bit shane's ear and then i saw him ready to snap at benny so he got sent back to his room.

the rabbits will be happy that sage and maestro are no longer peeing and pooping on their clean hay... so i think all and all and considering my hang over from gluttony, it was a pretty decent day.



I left a note on the white board in the medical room about a couple of bunnies yesterday.