Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2011

i took noelle into the vets today..she is doing the downhill slide. the vet couldn't find anything obviously wrong with her (like the big tumour i was sure was growing inside.) so we wait for her bloodwork to come back and see what it says.

i find i am easily irrtiated by stupid petty things like finding the cats in one whole room can't get at their only litter box because it is surrounded all four sides by 2 walls, one karunda bed that is holding a big dog and 2 big storage containers, the heck are the cats supposed to get in there to pee????

peeing is supposed to be easy not an impassable obstacle course that only leaves as the one and only heroically acceptable option... holding it til i get home and maybe wishful thinking that hopefully i will come home early.

note to everyone... lets all maintain clear and easy access to all food/water bowls and litter boxes..the animals will all greatly appreciate it.

someone has eaten the arm on the red leather couch in the big dog room. i dare say it is mystic cuz she is the only puppy around here....sigh...all puppies (except...mystic) suck. i will buy a new couch when she grows out of her destructor stage...until then i will try not to look at the damage she does.

medical room report:
the felv cats are doing fine and were happy to see me...monty cheerfully ate tonight, and katie (skaters) popped her head out of her hidey hole to have a bite and say hello.

frail/shy cat pen...
granny is still hiding but she ate tonight, cash is upset and she wouldn't eat, cali ate but she is growling a lot...marvin ate 2 bowlfuls before he had a big pain spasm. gary is worrying me a bit...he is too nervous to come in..i tried to feed him canned food on the outside shelf but he said no. so then i tried some temptation treats and he popped in thru the window and said hell yes! everyone else seems to be doing ok...blanche as parked herself on the couch pillow as her favorite is playing with all of the toys, marj and bonnie ate well at dinner time, maestro and sage seemed fairly relaxed and bea as always just owns her entire world.
i am telling you now that roxy is the very sweetest and nicest of all of the cats..gosh she is lovely...i think i am falling in love.

puff daddy was a dickhead again tonight, that little beast dared to snarl at me when i was shutting him into his room..i told him to smarten up and shut up too or i wouldn't feed him...he turned nice right away cuz god forbid puffy fatty pants might miss his dinner. that dog is a hungry twisted beast but since i hold the can opener and the canned food, he decided it was in his best interests to try to be nice to me.
smart dog.

okey dokey..better check the water tank and see if there is enough for a bath tonight.



Carol Jenn and I are looking for a new couch later rather than sooner and if you would like it when mystic does grow out of that phase we would be happy to give you our couch. It's actually not bad at all, leather in good shape with a hide a bed. Let us know if your interested.