Rescue Journal

full of empty...

Carol  ·  Sep. 14, 2011

the water tank was empty, my gas tank was empty, my drivers side rear tire was empty, my cell phone battery is empty....and that was all before i even got home from work....when i got into the house the big dog room water bowls were all empty..not because they weren't filled today but because mystic had dumped them all over the the floor was far from empty.
and that wasn't the only empty flood in the house,,,those computer room mega morons mobbed the door when i got home and knocked over the bleach water bucket so that bucket was empty (and that floor was full) too.

way to go you guys....good way to put me in a freaking foul mood.

i picked up this odd little is 2 ends of a sectional outdoor loveseat thing. if we don't screw the arms on, it fits perfectly in the medical room as a great area for helga to cuddle the feluks. i will look at it closer later and decide if we can screw the backs on without the arms..i am not sure. for now i just have the two bases in there but it works good..all three of the cats and i had decent cuddle space.

i am giving everyone a fair warning heads up...i am on a de-junking kick so don't be stuffing more stuff in the animal areas cuz next week i will be ripping it all out again. i cannot stand all of the clutter and layers upon layers of blankets around here and it makes it too freaking hard to keep the place tidy and clean.

speaking of freaking busy bee house wreckers bent on destroying any illusion of well organized tidyness....tess is doing the scrabble every bed, blanket and whatever into big piles all over the floor... she thinks she is making better beds but she really is just making a freaking mess....i told her to knock it off.

noelle's bloodwork is didn't show much except moderate inflamation/infection...but even those abnormal numbers were not drastically huge. we have started her on ranitidine and baytril and will see if she feels better in a day or two.. but honestly??? i am really worried about her, she is not doing well at all and i am afraid there is something far bigger that we can't see going on with her.
her family swears she was 17 when we admitted her almost a year ago...i down graded her age to 15 cuz she just didn't look or act any case she is anciently old now so whatever is happening could be her end of the road. i just wish for sure i could know....full of worry and doubt but empty of crystal balls sucks in rescue. the end of the day..the water tank is full, my gas tank is full, the air in my tire is full, my cell phone is charging and will soon be full...the water bowls and bleach water bucket are full again and the floors are empty for their floods....and in general everywhere i freaking look...this house is also full of stupid and useless stuff that needs to get out.

sigh...i doubt the house, the barn and the mp building tho will ever be empty of homeless and wrecked senior animals and tonight i think that kind of sucks too.



yeah, noelle is so so slow on her walks. she still enjoys them, i think, likes to putter around out there but not a whole lot of enthusiasm. she does seem to have not much zoom left in her, hope to see her for a little bit longer but what will be, will be. do love you noelle.


i wondered if it was depression at the beginning of her non specific downward slide too...and thought about moving her back to the house but she was jumping everyone...big dogs, small dogs everyone was pissing her off. in retrospect... because she usually wasn't quite such a huge hag ...i think that may have been the beginning of her not feeling well and i didn't recognise it as such.

whatever is going on with her is most definitely physical...i know ryan and dionne think she also has gone blind..i am not so sure and sometimes it looks like she is...but she has a bilateral blink reflex so it just looks like she is very disoriented and weak. it may be that she has had a stroke or damage along the optic nerve so she does technically still see but her brain has trouble processing what she sees.

big worry....i just want her to feel decently well and be happy.

but if she doeesn't turn a positive corner with the antibiotics within a couple of days i will be letting her go because she is so not having any fun anymore.


Sorry about recluttering your uncluttered medical room and thank you for thinking of a cuddle place for the FeLeuks. Yesterday we had a nice long love up session me on the old chair with The Rock on my lap, Cliff tucked along my side and Mama T on the chair I dragged in from the shop. A seat where all of us fit in will be lovely.


is it possible that noelle is depressed? why was she put over there, wasnt it for fighting with big bambi? maybe noelle could go on the bedroom/big dog room side, see if she perks up?