Rescue Journal

noelle passed away gently...

Carol  ·  Sep. 16, 2011


the vets squeezed her in as soon as the clinic was a very peaceful and easy death. rest in peace noelle, i will miss your absolute and cheerful determination, you were a very great dog.

one of the classy chicks is really not well. i have just moved her into a comfortable cage in the shop so the other chickens don't start pecking on her.

gideon has some kind of irritating growth inside the upper lid of his right eye. dionne called the vets out, he has 4 times a day antibiotic/steriodal eye cream and they will recheck it on monday.

the hay arrived today...there are 40 bales of soft third cut green grass (on the right side of the hay shed if you are facing the hay) for gideon, pops, edith and caroline. the courser 80 bales of timothy hay (on the left side of the hay shed if you are facing the hay) is for everyone else. if anyone who feeds the barn guys hay is not sure which is which..please ask mo or me BEFORE it goes out into the hay racks.

that new dog bear who i was trying to hold off for a few weeks and who used to belong to one of my clients who has passed coming tomorrow. the family that was caring for him were advised to put on a "vibrating"...(ie shock) collar on him to control his barking and he is totally freaking out and trying to bite at his neck each time it goes off. giving something a gentler and more palatable name is misleading to innocent folks who just don't know about some of these not so humane training tools. anyway..he is distressed so i said he could come in on saturday.

ok..that is the updates, i am totally physically and emotionally done for today.



noelle has officially changed what i think of when i think rottweiler. no, i never saw them as mean or anything, just big, blocky, oafish (ootah!). she seemed to have much more control of her body than the average rottie. and here i had minnie pearl on my mental list of may-not-be-here-next-week, not noelle.


i know erin really loved noelle too. so sorry erin but you gave her special walks when our work was done. i am sure she loved them. we all really do have our ones that are special. i know she was one of yours.


I recall Noelle just over a week ago.... I took her out for a walk to the lower field one evening when I was up there with my crew. My guys were in the upper field and my very piss & vinegar young guy Buca saw Noelle from a distance so he headed full steam towards the fence to get her....well Noelle gave him the what for do not mess with me and he quickly coward was funny to watch Noelle she was so dam proud of herself and truly enjoyed the victory...that is how I would like to remember her.. a very tough old girl with lots of spunk! Rest in Peace


i am so sorry carol. rest gently noelle. your body was very weary at the end. it was time but still saddens me. i am glad i got to walk her in the morning when it was still and quiet out, she did love going around the schoolyard but she was so tired. she was ready.


Ugh shock collars.I am doggy sitting this weekend for a friends little dog for the second time.She has a shock collar on her dog too. Shhh....whenever I am here, I take off the annoying thing! Poor Noelle....I think I saw her once.RIP sweet Noelle!!!

Carol Ann

Dear sweet Noelle was ready to go. God bless her. I will miss her happy face. Rest in peace sweet girl.