Rescue Journal

so i just got off the phone talking to one of the shelter managers...

Carol  ·  Sep. 19, 2011

and apparently they tested all of the dogs where buddy came from and none of them were positive for ringworm so we probably don't need to worry this time around. BUT..please remember my advice and do strip, shower and change when you get home from any shelter..including saints as a regular routine cuz one of these days a ringworm animal is going to once again sneak in and i don't want to be responsible for someone breaking out in red fungal rings.
now that this opportunity came up to remind everyone...if someone chooses not to strip, shower and change from this point on, if anyone ever does get ringworm...won't be my freaking fault!


Carol Ann

ha ha I guess I can stop itching now. The mind is a powerful thing --not always good lol Happy my buddy is ok Love that dog.