Rescue Journal

oh happy days!

Carol  ·  Sep. 23, 2011

i so missed my hug a bug monolithic monster dog last night!

june and charley are home from the vets...yay!!!!...they were both super good! charley has been sleeping almost non stop...june is awake but happy to just lay around.

NOTE TO THE WEEKEND WARRIORS: june and charley are not to go the house only or out to the front yard for pee breaks is their limit for 10-14 days post surgery.

papa john's add on bloodwork is all back...still inconclusive if it is cushings or significant liver disease. he is booked for an ultrasound in a couple of weeks so we may know better once that is done. he is such a cute and sweet little guy...looks like papa smurf...just needs to be dyed blue and wear a red stocking cap!

sydney is hyperthyroid so she is starting on thyroid meds but other than that all seems to be pretty good with her so that was great news (no diabetes or end stage kidney disease (yet)...yay!)

doris had her re-check today..the vets want us to watch her right eye..they think it is going to have to come out is starting to become a little bit painful and she has no vision left in that eye.

i spent most of the day back and forth to the vets, back and forth to a couple of different pharmacies for medication refills...i finally remembered to pick up a new remote control and ryan set it up for me so we can watch tv in the evenings again....another big yay!
renee got both doris and merry bathed so we won't have to worry about them for the weekend, which is great because tomorrow is the gala so i need to get everything done early to get to pitt meadows on time.

oh and it looks like that free ticket is still available if someone would like to have point in letting it go to waste.



Sorry for your loss Colin. Cheetah was lucky to have a loving home for 17 years .


Hi Carol, I just noticed that one of your cats is hyperthyroid. We just had to euthanize our cat Cheetah on Wednesday as her kidneys were shutting down. She was also on hyperthyroid meds (Tapazole) we had her for almost 17 years so we are very heartbroken. If you would like the rest of her prescription I have a full bottle I would be happy to mail you. Otherwise I just bring them back to the pharmancy to destroy them. It would be a terrible waste.


if no ones is taking it i would not mind having it for my son in law i already paid for mu daughter but can not afford to pay for him and they can not afford to pay for him. if not no biggy thanks let me know. he had expressed an interest in going.