Rescue Journal

so the gala was GREAT!

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2011

it was a room full of really kind and generous people...i think everyone had a good time! i have no idea how much money we made but sheila will let us know when she does the final total...which reminds me..i ripped us off sheila...i bought $125 dollars of ribbons but for some reason (like i am stupid and can't add worth a shit after 9pm at night!) only gave you $ i owe another $45..i have it here if you happen to be visiting tomorrow with riley or patrick maybe???

the exciting news of the day is...we sort of have a new pig. he is a 700 pound unneutered farm guy who was found in the pitt river and needed a dozen folks with ropes to rescue him. he is a stray pig and the SPCA sent him out here but i think he technically belongs to them til his holding period is up if he doesn't get claimed...i am not too worried if he does get claimed, cuz i am sure whoever owns him will sell him to us if we offer enough...getting out and lost and stuck in a river makes him a kind of pain in the ass sort of pig. but i don't want to risk him ending up on a truck, heading to slaughter if he was smart enough to escape that fate already so if he does get claimed..i will try to buy seems only fair to him.

he is pretty bruised up and scaped up from the ropes during rescue but at least he didn't drown so i think he is a lucky pig. he was VERY upset when he got here..but it only took a few minutes of eating fresh watermelon and apples and then getting his own private wading pool (sorry mystic...we will buy you another!) which he proceded to lay down on and squish flat as a pancake and then a good and fun game with laura and the hose before his tail was happily wagging to and fro. he really liked meeting the cows thru the fence and seems like he would like to be their friend.
the only real huge concern is...he is a full boar pig and his testicles are the size of two planets hanging around his butt....castration is not going to be easy even if i can find a vet willing to castrate a 700 pound and fully intact and well endowed farm pig...and he simply and absolutely HAS to be done.

thx laura and ernie for helping to get him all comfortably set up!!!!

the deal i made at the gala was...whoever purchased a barn sponsor ribbon for the highest amount could name him.... and a very special someone purchased a $750 ribbon so i would like to welcome and introduce you to our new cool and handsome brad pitt pig.

ok..i gotta get to bed..i am sure jenn will post some gala photo's tomorrow!!



Someone left the Clark black Clogs under the table in a white bag. Maureen I think it was from one of your tables.


Carol i know some work would be needed but have you considered using an old satelite dish(dug into the ground) as a pond. they make great duck,fish, and probably honking big pig ponds. Can usually be found free on freecycle, or craigslist.


If Brad is an un-neutered male that size he might have been used for breeding rather than designated as bacon.

Cheryl K

ha ha love the name..Will have to let Brad know he has a 700 pound pig named after him..LOL..Hmmm I think the saying hung like a horse..not a pig..oh well.


welll...we actually need 2....a very small one for mystic and a very giant one for brad pitt if they happen to have either size available.


What a fantastic night! Everyone at my table was very impressed.
Carol, I am off for a run on the Pitt Dyke this morning and can call in at Zellor's for a new wading pool if you like....what size? I leave home at 8:30am


A great night indeed. Thank you Carol for opening peoples eyes up to the world of senior and special needs animals. The good and the bad. Its a great world and not one to be afraid of. Happy to support SAINTS always.