Rescue Journal

i want to encourage super kind and responsible folks who have a little hobby type farm to consider....

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2011

forming a lasting and rewarding friendship with a farm pig. they make such great friends..old and new.

here is my good friend ellie sharing a pig hug with me.

and here is my new good friend brad pitt sharing his version of pig kissing with me.

they are such totally incredible animals...kind of like a modern day domestic cross between a dinosaur and an elephant...totally smart...totally fun...gentle hearts..they make the very best of very good friends.

i might start a new

lets start with the two sweeties below cuz they REALLY need a wonderful home!!!!!


Bunny Horne

Hey, Carol, if it's okay with you this Saturday morning, Brent and I will attempt to secure a table for the West End Flea Market (Denman Street) for Sunday, October 23rd. If you think it's a bad idea let us know before Saturday. If it's a go it means we have to help you get the shop organized and cleared out of any items that have a resale value for the flea market. All proceeds will of course go to Saints. I know that Helga indicated previously she has some items at home she was saving just for such an event. Likewise any other volunteers with "good saleable" donations would have to have the items at Saints by the 16th of October for Brent and I to pick up.
It's a super busy flea market with tons of foot traffic but the tables are really small so I want to be first in line to get a good spot. Does this work for you????
Also are volunteers needed on Thanksgiving Day to cover off the staff stat holiday?


lol lory...good point! i am forever goofing around the barn guys without my farm boots on!


Carol - I wish you would wear better protective footwear. If Ms Ellie or Mr Pitt were to accidentaly step on your foot....