Rescue Journal

is it raining cats and dogs???

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2011

no.... it is raining very sad pigs.

two new cruelty seizures..these sweeties are about 5 or 6 month old babies.

the spca and heartsonnoses pig sanctuary are working hard to find them a very kind and responsible home. we have agreed to be a final resort if that home is not found...BUT..please god let that home be found cuz we really do not need 2 more big pigs..we are kind of stretched as it is.

their new names are charlotte and wilbur (they are best friends and wilbur is a castrated male! yay!) and they are very afraid right now and need a great home to make up for that horrible shit hole they came from.




as an aside...we think we might know where brad pitt came from... janice (HON) and the cruelty officer i was talking to today..thinks he might be the same one they were both seperately dealing with last week...if it is the same looks like someone got dumped.

to answer bunny's is brad today??

he is great! janice came out to meet him and said he is a very kind and gentle pig (that noise he makes over and over is brad saying "hello!!!!!") he LOVES bananas and the feed store gave me a huge bag of straw sweepings which renee, ryan and ernie added to his bed and he was really pleased with it. i think brad is pretty damn happy with his change of circimstances. the vets are coming out tomorrow to see him.



i am sorry you missed the gala but i am so glad you missed it to be climbing up a mountain and slogging thru gross mud to rescue wilbur and charlotte...GREAT JOB!!!!! big YAY for the SPCA cruelty is a heart breaking job.

Bunny Horne

Yahoo - glad to know that he was saying HI to us all day yesterday. Yep he wolfed down Dionne's banana in a heart beat and he really likes Macadamia Nut Granola Bars. I am so glad he has found his way to Saints - we will LOVE him. He's a lucky guy and we are lucky to have him.

Carol Ann

at least our mr pitt is ok now hope the vets can rid him of his (problem)s

Carol Ann

some days i wish i was ignorant and knew nothing of peoples cruelty I think I'm going to be sick now


Oh how sad! Those poor piggies!!!!!! I just saved a lost dog today. He's at Mission Animal Control