Rescue Journal

busy day

Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2011

first thing this morning i dropped snickers off at the vets for bloodwork..he was ready for pick up again by 10 am. the vet came out to look at brad pitt..we will go ahead with his castration once his legal holding period is over. i took buddy in for a re-check to maple ridge..he has put on 3 pounds over three weeks which isn't a lot so the vet wants us to switch him to a developement diet..he is booked for his surgery in a couple of the meantime he stays on his antibiotics and pain meds til after his surgery is done.

i paid off two of the biggest vet accounts today..that was just over $19,000 total. i will get over to the farm vets this week too and pay off their approx. $6000 bill....all totalled...big freaking ouch!!! but at least everyone is paid off for a bit (til we rack the next bills up!)

anyway..thank god for a successful gala that can get us back into decent shape again. there are still a few surgeries coming up...yoda tomorrow, tina on friday and i have to book in a few of the new cats dentals yet there are a ton of rechecks/suture removals that are currently already booked fior the next couple of weeks....then i think we are caught up on everybody for now.

oh and the kineisiologist is coming out to work on pops tomorrow again..i mustn't forget that!

i was out for dinner with tammy and mo so i better go finish the bedtime meds. ernie and i spent some time sorting thru the shop today ( i took a van load of big blankets out to the chilliwack spca) and i think i still have at least a couple of more days of sorting thru and organizing stuff in there yet. better get cracking a bit faster on the shop tho cuz i am back to work on friday...sigh..i forgot to take a day off this vacation round...big double duh!



I was reading a post on facebook today...First theres monday and tuesday.Then the 3 letters of the wednesday,thursday and friday spell W-T-F.Never noticed that till it was posted on


i hate to say this but i will not be in to saints on sat. i have to help my sister in vancouver move. thought i better let you know now. sorry.


I will meet you at the saints cuz I have to pick up some things in the office. I will come just before 11:30


oh right!...and the security company is coming about the monitered fire alarms but they are coming in the morning as is the cement contactor, the kinesiologist is coming at 1pm so still ok for about 1130ish in mission??? rocky's??? and don't let me forget to bring the cheque from colleen for the gala's hockey tickets?!


oh! and someone remind me the cement contractor is coming tomorrow to give us an estimate..we are raising and cementing the current gravel floor of the shed next to pops to stop the run off ground water from pouring in when it is stupid to have a shed that can't use the freaking thing in the rainy seasons which is when we really need it.


he does some T-touch, massage and very minor chiropractic adjustments around his shoulders and hips. because of the compromises he makes with movement due his deformed foot, those muscles and tendons are out of proper alignment and this has shortened some of them..the goal is to get them to relax, stretch and lengthen again to at least maintain, or even hopefully improve the mobility he has.