Rescue Journal

mr. happy

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2011

it was another busy day. the cement contactor never showed but everyone else did so that was good. i did the thing with the security company.... all buildings will have 24/7 monitered fire alarms (i cannot believe i have not done this is such a basic safety measure!!!) plus we willl have monitered alarms on all doors. it is all we can afford right now but we will have the security cameras installed shortly when we have a bit of extra cash. so i am feeling a lot more responsible in keeping our guys as safe as we can because that is our job.
yoda did ok with his surgery but he is staying in overnight as his recovery from the anaesthetic was slow. this is good because i had forgotten that i was supposed to go get him...something came up which took my mind out to left field (i will talk about that later, but not tonight) and it drove poor yoda right out of my head.

anyway..i will pick him up tomorrow when i drop tina off for her surgery.

so on to mr. happy.

even tho i was busy today..i was pretty much busy around the shop vicinity. so i was checking in with brad on and off all day long cuz his pen is right next to the shop. it gave me such incredibly great pleasure to feel how happy he is....that pig is just shining in happiness and contentment...happiness apparently suits him a lot!!!

if he is out and about in his pen. he rushes over to say "hello" and have a happy moment. if his is comfortably laying in his bed...he gets up to rush over to the fence to say "HI! so glad you came to see me again!!!" his little curly tail wagged a lot he understands english really well too. sheila was with me on one of the visits and i said "brad, go stand in your pool." and he did!!! everything about him sings "i am happy!"....i am REALLY starting to love this sweet pig!

lest wilbur and ellie feel left out...we stopped in at the barn where they were both napping and shared some apples with them. wilbur is still our sweet little barn prince...and ellie? well ellie knows thru and thru that i absolutely adore her in every cell to the core...she will always be my number one magical pink princess.

i think the more you love, the bigger your heart grows....and mr. new and happy pig is helping my heart grow even more.


Bunny Horne

That darned Percy.... He's not exactly an attack cow. Wait - he could lick you to death. Brent will remount the sign on Sunday. I can't wait for Sunday to hang out with Brad Pitt. I was in McD's yesterday talking to a friend and telling her how I spent last Sunday with that "pig - Brad Pitt", he even made me change his bedding... All ears were perked up. Biggest news to hit that McDs in a long time.
Carol-ina Jolie-Hine is pretty lucky she can cuddle him all day long.


Brad really enjoys his food, he makes the best noises when he is eating. Ellie has gotten up early (before noon) the past 3 days to go over and check him out. Bunny and Brent I believe you put the sign up about the attack goat. Well Percy was a little insulted by it and ripped it off. The sign is ok just a little torn and it is in the feed room.


I only met Brad for a quick minute, but he is definitely one happy pig. Happiness actually RADIATES from him and he looks like he's smiling lol.

Sugar's vet visit today went ok- her ear infection came back as well so I got more meds for it and I took care of the visit.

The lump I found she apparently did have before, they documented it last December but it has grown a lot since then. I guess these kind of tumors chances are 50/50 of being cancerous, but it most likely isn't because it would have grown faster (although it did seem to get big and bulgy out of no where) and I would probably notice a change in overall health and personally she seems better than ever. Surgery would be a long recovery and high chances of infection for her with her age and diabetes, so hopefully it isn't needed... he is going to call you and discuss everything. Hoping surgery isn't necessary but if it's the best option I'll do everything I can to help out with it. Let me know what you two come up with.