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Happy Birthday to You...

Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2011

happy birthday to you!

happy birthday dear mystic!!!!!!!!

happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ernie and ryan brought her over a bunch of new toys from the shop...joey and fergus are over the moon playing with them all. mystic is having more fun chewing on hilda...she and hilda love to rough house together.

brad pitt was NOT castrated today..the vet got busy, plus the weather sucked so we will try again tomorrow. i was a bit concerned about proper and respectful after care of brads removed testicles. now don't laugh and think i am crazy, but it is a real concern. as a nurse, in the OR's we treat amputated and removed body parts respectfully and send them off to the farm world..they go off into the trash. well i absolutely am not putting a fairly large part of brad in a garbage bag and tossing it in the dumpster, not happening! so this has been bothering me...what do i do with the parts of brad that we surgically remove...cremate? bury?..have sending off service (just kidding!)...but how to handle this with dignity and respect for him?

i happened to be talking to one of our other vets today about something else and when i told her my problem she kindly said i could bring them down to the clinic for respectful disposal..she just has to warn her staff that i will be bringing in brad pitt's very large testicles for cremation.

yay! that worrisome problem is solved.

rent-a-fence will be here tomorrow to install the temporary fencing for the new pigs, plus we will have to get the new cemented princess shed area set up for ellie. willy and charlotte will arrive sometime around noonish on friday so at least the basic first moves and reno's need to be done by then. the rest of the stuff we can work on over the next couple of weeks.

my van is stuffed with bales of fresh straw to set up big and thick pig beds for everyone so that is good.

plus there is a convoluted major shift around coming up...there is a very old and in very poor condition horse needing to come in. we don't have the room for her right now but that doesn't help her out. but we do have an option which i will be toddling around tomorrow to investigate, sort and flesh out. dixie may well be moving out to boarding school...i think we have come up with an arrangement that will work well for everyone...dixie goes out to boarding at a very good barn, run by a very kind and horse savy man who is willing to put some time and energy into dixie, helping her to learn how to be a pleasure horse..she will get some training, some mental stimulation and good physical exercise in a very stable, kind and gentle enviroment. i will still be responsible for her and will visit with her frequently each week and continue to cover the cost of her care and ensure that she is happy. i am looking at this as sending our too young to be retired horse off to boarding school to learn how to be an equal participating partner in a kind and caring human and horse world. and she will be close to home..only 15 minutes away. this will free up her stall in our barn for a very needy and senior horse whose usefulness to man has ended and really does need a retirement home with the knowledge and expertise to meet her aging needs.

so tomorrow rick (who everyone i have talked to..highly recommends) is coming here to meet dixie and then we are going to where flicka is to meet her and then we are going back to his stable to see where dixie might be going to school. i think all around it is a pretty good plan.

except...i don't want dixie to go off to boarding school...i want her to stay here!

the alarm installation went well all buildings including the barn have installed and 24 hour monitered fire and intruder alarms. note to all volunteers...see me to learn about the alarm system and how to turn it on and off.

new incoming...a 9 month old, 120 pound puppy up for euthanization who is needing shoulder surgery and then recovery confinement and rehab for several weeks to months...two senior cats whose family is moving to saskatchewan to live with other familymembers who have severe allergies to cats...and a most likely cushingoid, sick and probably palliative senior dog from one of the animal control facilities.

a few months ago, i was freaking out cuz we looked like gazillion little dog we look like mega-giant or very fat dog rescue!..and personally...i still like those latter handles best.

and once more....happy birthday mystic, i love you!



What a great birthday pic of Mystic - it looks like she is having the time of her life! What a happy dog - Happy Birthday, Mystic!


hi dalia...if you click on the sidebar donate button it will guide you thru the different options of how to donate to saints...and thank you so very much!!!!
i pick up pugsly (the giant puppy) today at 10 am...(he is a vet referral, and his assessment/diagnosis is complete so surgery is booked for next tuesday.)

Kelly B

Hi There-

I board my horses with Rick. He is wonderful. Kind, gentle and compassionate. We came from a lousy boarding situation and he immediately reassured me and gave me peace of mind that I didn't have to be there 24/7 in order to care for my animals. Two of my mares generally stay away from men, but they both suck up to him terribly-it actually makes me a bit jealous!
We are all looking forward to meeting Dixie and welcoming her to the herd.







happy birthday to mystic! hope she enjoys herself! (everyday, not just today)

Carol Ann

Happy Birthday Mystic and many more we hope. whew carol you have been busy making all sorts of plans. I hope Dixie likes boarding school -at least she won't be far from home.


OHHH Mistic you so purdy on your bday! Happy Happy birthday girl!! she's so cute tongue and all 'lol hugz to every one!! tell Carol you want cake for your bday!! lol cheers Polly