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feeding the hungry!

Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2011

reminder to everyone that there is a bag on the desk in the multipurpose room for non perishable food donations for the food bank. mystic would like to invite everyone to donate to the food bank for her birthday...lets share the joy that our mystic shares with all of us!

also a reminder that tomorrow is mystic's birthday cake day..i can't wait to watch her eat the first piece!
it says "happy 1st birthday mystic" in pink icing...very pretty. when i was standing in line to pay for it, the lady in front of me said..."oh, your grand baby is one year wonderful!"
there are so many levels that i started to feel squeamish i didn't buy annabelle a birthday cake for her birthday...and i missed my daughter's recent birthday and just bailed on her again i have a long history of screwing up jenn's birthdays AND this particular birthday cake happened to be for a sweet palliative dog.

this life i lead is plain and simply...just too freaking weird.

i went on to a blog today...the author wrote that she is basically feeling blog gun shy.
unkind comments are hurtful to bloggers. it is hard to be judged harshly by folks who only see a part of our lives, or those who just think they have the right to take a swipe cuz they have ALL of the right takes the fun out of blogging at times because it almost makes you afraid to be who you are....sure as shit SOMEONE is not going to like you too much.

it takes a lot of guts to write an honest and personal blog...we don't always write things clearly so maybe things get misconstrued...we sometimes live our lives differently than others and this can be a source of conflict too. and somedays we are wallowing in self pity or righteous or unrighteous anger or utter stupidity or we are in one of those twisted humour days and we share that with you. and sometimes readers just don't really get it.. that we have good and bad days too. no one can write the perfect for everyone blog every day and if we truly are honest..there will be some days when some folks do not like what we say.

i absolutely hate it when someone comes bombing thru the blog to rip the shit out of me and what i do. i accept that everyone is entitled to their opinion but i don't have to like it when that opinion lands smack on top of me like a ton of dirty old bricks.
so i hear where this blogger is coming from...i know what it feels like to read some of the stuff that occasionally gets posted in negative judgement.

but the only real solution to this is to write a bunch of airy fairy bullshit that no one could possibly ever take any offence to...and no one could ever think that they could do anything or everything better than you (and probably no one would really be too interested in reading!).
unfortunately most bloggers don't get to live an airy fairy, i am perfect in every way bullshit life...most of us make mistakes, struggle, and learn as we toddle along life's road and we blog about it as we go.
that is what makes blogging real.

anyway...hugs to any bloggers out there who are feeling down because of the hurt that blogging can lead to..i read several interesting blogs and i see the same things occasionally happening on all of them. it is like a road rage...if someone has it, they spread it around as they drive into town and there is not much you can do about it except try to get out of their way (or...delete them!).
i personally think consistently angry and hurtful and know it all people should stay off the road and off of the internet but... good freaking luck with that.

oh! and..i got a final notice today from the post office to pick up a package (with a $25 duty bill attached) so i went down to get it and it wasn't there...they said someone had picked it up a few days ago? so does anyone know who this was? i just cannot remember if i gave the card to someone else to pick up?????
good lord my memory sucks!



Carol, I also read your blog every day. The fact that it IS real is why I read it. Rescue is obviously not for the faint of heart, and it's great that you show just how much time and effort is involved in doing it right.

You make me laugh, cry and once I even blew Pepsi out thru my nose. So keep it coming and keep it real. Airy fairy is not in the least bit interesting. And some people are just jerks.


Off topic. I picked up a blade for the skill-saw and the screws for the stall door. Bunny and I will be there on Monday. Will I have a challenge finding the 2 x 4's and the hinges? Where will you leave them?


Are you kidding me I read your blog every day. I laugh and cry because of it. What you do is remarkable and not many of us could do it.


Hi Carol,
I too read your blog everyday from the Okanagan Valley and though I've never commented before, I love the way you tell it like it is and share the bad with the good. You're one tough cookie and I truly admire all that you do for homeless senior and special needs animals. Don't let negative comments get you down!!


Carol - I read your blog everyday, it's "real" and I love it. Sometimes you make me laugh out loud, other times it makes me very emotional (weepy!) You're doing a fantastic job and I don't think you realize how many people admire you. We can all identify with the ups and downs of life, and the stressors - been there, done that! If there's anything I can do to help around SAINTS during the week to help out, just let me know.



I cannot make it up this morning carol. Sorry. Will be there next weekend. Angelina


I love your blog too and read it every day from the other side of the world


Just so you know, I love your blog and read it every day, even check it more than once a day some days :)