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funnies from yesterday

Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2011

papa john is an interesting dog...he is kind of like this magical garden gnome that poof suddenly appears here and there. i see him sitting in the kitchen and then 5 minutes later without seeing him move, he is suddenly sitting next to my foot. not sure how he gets from a to b but it does appear to be magical.

anyway..last night i was microwaving mashed potatoes and papa john started jumping around..he obviously wanted some. i gave him a small bowl which he really liked and then..his magic hit again...poof he suddenly became a demanding dog.
"i am coming with you to bed tonight...ooohhh i am going to roll on your bed for hours and hours...look..i can jump off the side to check things out..hey carol? can you please lift me up there again???"
too funny...mashed potatoes make garden gnomes suddenly become alive!

shelley came out yesterday with a ton of tim bits for our guys. apparently gideon really likes them a lot...shelley gave him some and then moved across the field to pops and i laughed as i watched gideon break into a full geriatric trot to follow the tim bit was too funny to see shelley glance over her shoulder and spy the horse in hot pursuit...she went "yikes" and started jogging faster...gideon said "yikes..that box is getting away" and started moving after her even faster!

amazing what a box of tim bits for the ancient can do!

when laura and i got home from toddling around figuring out horse stuff...ryan told me they accidently flat lined a frog today. apparently the little green bugger was on the counter and jumped into the sink that was full of hot soapy water. when the staff quickly fished him out..the poor thing was stretched out and flat as a pancake and wasn't breathing anymore. so they quickly ran him under cold water and were able to puff up and revive the poor misguided soul.


the little guy has been released at the pond which is a far more appropriate home than our dangerous kitchen counter.


janet nicholson

That story of Gideon and the tim bits was hysterical - glad to read he is doing so well - guess you had better buy him more tim bits!