Rescue Journal

june and rumple are playing in the computer room...

Carol  ·  Oct. 8, 2011

there are systematic steps to their play. first june gently takes his collar and tugs him a couple of inches forward, then rumple grabs her neck. next june lays down so rumple can hump her, then june stands up and rumple slides off, falls over, stands up with his tail wagging and june grabs his collar and tugs him forward again.

benny freaking hates it....he is laying on the couch and snarling and growling and barking and telling rumple to leave his june alone. he really does not like the fact that rumple is not neutered AND goofing around with his pisses him off.

he should get pissed off at june...she is the one currently laying on her back and enticingly whapping rumple in the face with her feet...she is instigating his amorous attention so benny should be pissed at june, not at poor rumple. so i told benny to shut the heck up and quit griping at the just having fun old fart.

which reminds me...i knew june was digging a hole under the front outside cat run...what i did not know and discovered tonight is that she has dug a hole deep enough to slide her whole 110 pound body into....i found this when i happend to glance over and could only see the tip of her tail...gosh darn it to hell, you bad girl june! you are going to collapse the cat run cement block floor on top of you!!!
big dog is a giant goofball.

note to myself...get someone to fill in her freaking hole BEFORE she gets buried alive!

there is again a ton of laundry tonight...i am wondering if we can try something diffferent in the house so i don't have to push thru 6 or 8 loads at night (i really am tired by the end of the day.) during the week we have assigned one staff person who is responsible for getting the laundry thru. it has worked great..most days there is never more than one load left for me. and this would save volunteers from having to take stinky and gross laundry home on the weekends too. the person responsible is on that laundry as soon as they walk in the door and moving it in and out the second the machines have stopped..without the lag time of someone noticing that the laundry needs switching because they are busy doing other things.
the one staff person able to get thru both the house and the mp building laundry in only 4 in the 3 or 3 and a half hours the volunteers are should still put a pretty big dent in the left over laundry mountain for me.

we would then need 4 people in the for the back cats, the second for the computer room and kitchen and the third for the 2 dog rooms and entranceway and the fourth for pushing the laundry thru.

what do the house folks think? do you think this would work ok if we could get enough bodies working in the house each weekend?



It is a writing day Monday as I am on deadline this week but if you don't mind a quick visit during those hours I will be there.


Thanks Maggie. I will add you to the volunteer schedule :) for saturday. If you are available tomorrow (Monday) you can pop by and I can give you a quick laundry tutorial. Stop by anytime between 10 and 12


I meant to say every Saturday morning and one morning during the week if that helps. A bit of a learning curve re where the clean laundry goes but since I am a laundry freak....


I agree with Tammy. I try to wash fleeces and towels in their own loads due to drying times. But sometimes it is how the laundry comes out into the laundry area as you want to keep the machines going.


Here's a thought... It might be kind of labour intensive, but what about clotheslines for the bigger blankets and towels?

And I am so happy about Rumpole. Thank you for giving him a place to be happy.


tammy had a great suggestion re laundry...if it gets sorted so the thinner fleeces and small things get washed and dried first..because they dry so quickly, there won't be the back up of waiting for heavier things to dry and the heavier stuff can be washed last so if it takes a couple of drying cycles, it won't back everything up.
that tammy is pretty freaking smart!


Anyone extra in the house is a good thing - I know that when Lynne, Anne, and I are in the house on Sunday, we are very conscientious about pushing the laundry thru constantly, and there's still lots left over that Ann and Lynne end up taking home. Sometimes it's because the dryer can't keep up with the wet loads, and also because we change anything that smells, as well as obviously soiled, and are meticulous about all the bedding being changed if it's at all "sketchy". Anyway, an exra person to work on laundry is always welcome!! - sorting out the sheets, towels, small and large fleeces, and taking them into the different storage areas in the different rooms is helpful too. Looking forward to meeting the new guys tomorrow, and sorry I missed Mystic's party today!


Carol, I could come up and do laundry on Saturday morning. Let me know.