Rescue Journal

just a quick horse update...

Carol  ·  Oct. 9, 2011

dixie managed the change over beautifully...duh! of course she would...she is a race horse who moved from the island to mainland tracks and back to her fraser valley stable. she was so calm and collected..interested but not hugely stressed...such an amazing horse our dixie!

flicka is here. and let me tell you...from someone who knows diddly squat about horse breeds. she is without a doubt an arabian princess...BEAUTIFUL head and carriage..even for a 31 year old....and even i can recognise royalty when i meet them. she must have been absolutely stunning in her youth and once she gets some weight on her..i am sure she will be again. and with her royal lineage comes a bit of princess like attitude...nicole said she already tried to take a chunk out of pete's head and butt when he dared to walk beneath her royal window.
sigh...we left in her the stall while we went to help dixie i better get my peasant servant butt out there and do some intro's with the other horses..i think we will wait a bit before we introduce her to cows, goats, sheep, donkey, llama and pigs....i don't think she is going to be too happy to meet them or having them milling around her royal feet.

oh dixie...i might be missing you in many more ways than i even originally thought of!



i tried to upload her photo but after 30 minutes of my stupid computer freezing i gave up. i will try again today.


no pops hasn't gotten his shoe yet...and don't even get me started on that! BUT the good news is when the vet came out to do brad...he had a look at pops and said that he thinks he doesn't really need the shoe anymore because he is moving so much better. i am wondering how much the kinesiology treatments have to do with this or if it is just he is moving around freely in the upper field now.... whatever..pops is doing good so i am happy with that.

edith ate her dinner last night but again wasn't interested in her breakfast but she was chowing down on her dinner when i left her tonight so i think she might just be in one of those demented moods of hers where she is intent on freaking folks out.

hah, i am chuckling brenda...cuz nicole wants to name him noah which is a pretty good reason not to let her take him home...the poor dog will think he is in trouble...he will think she is telling him no all the time when really she is just calling his name!
poor nicole..i always screw around with her names!


Has Pops gotten his new and special shoe yet? I think you mentioned a while back that Steve (?) was going to make one for him.


Ok, I get your reasoning for keeping the name - but if you changed it to a really great name, the new adoptive owner (maybe Nicole) would love it and never change it?? - Dontcha think? It's ok - that's a rhetorical question


hi roff....flicka has been basically living on her own for the past several years since her owner passed away. the family has provided her with basic care but as she is aging, her care needs are getting greater so she needed a place more appropriate in terms of caring for a very old horse.

re pugsly brenda,,,sorry guys..not changing his name because if he eventually gets adopted his name will probably change again...i try to onl;y change them to decrease confusion if other animals here are named the same or if they have a name that is totally mean or naming a dog fang or a pig porkchop or a cat dumpster. if i thought he was unadoptable then i would be fine for a name change as he would get to keep it forever here...but i think pugs is going to have a ton of adoption interest....nicole is already trying to figure out how she can adopt him but both fiona and taz are quite sick right now (they both have terminal cancer) and are nearing the end of their roads so she doesn't think it would be fair to bring in a young dog right now...taz and fiona need her full attention. who knows what will happen by the time he is recovered from his surgery and ready to move on to his perfect home.

hi sheryl....pops is not missing dixie yet...he is more concerned with staying in the far corner of the field away from the new, screaming, freak out horse. gosh he is a smart boy...stay out of the eye of the storm until the storm has blown herself out!

flicka screams and freaks out if the other horses come near her...gideon and czar finally gave up even trying to introduce themselves. currently i have her stall and the barn door open and she is watching everyone out in the enclosed shavings/hay/feeding shed actually is a very fine spot to introduce a new and nervous horse!

i think once she settles and realizes all of these new and strange animals pose no kind of threat (you should have seen the look on her face when carl walked by for a quick peek!)...i think she may be a bit of a prima donna but then they were used to spritely, lahanie and dixie so they should all be fine with flicka too.

the thing is..i don't think flicka has had much animal company in most of her years so this has got to be mind blowing for her. but we have had a couple of quiet talks and i pointed out that one day she will feel as safe and contented as all of our other barn animals....she just needs to take a deep breath, relax and have a bit of faith.


Changing gears from horses: I love, love, love Pugsley (but hate the name). Please Carol; change his name to something that reflects his "Bigness". Lynne kept calling him "Daddy Long Legs today. Oh, and he loved the canned dogfood. He ate up one can in about 20 seconds, so I gave him another can. Also, Lynne and I had a peice of Mystic's birthday cake, (yummy) and there is one piece left in the fridge for you still. - (and your lunch is in there too.) I will meet Flicka next week!


Help ... since we don't have a "search" capability on this blog, I don't know Flica's 'back story.' Can anybody tell me the date when she was introduced?