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and the battle continues....

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2011

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i am still totally sucking at this is not really fair..she is far younger....far more alert.... and her eyes are far better so she can find things she is hanging around the house waiting for her opportunity to score while i am at work all day.

and by the way...the petfinder challenge is on again...i just voted for the first time...does anyone know when it started? was i late?


Marla in SD

Every day or so (I try for every day, but occassionally don't make it), I come to the blog. And when I leave, I always have pictures in my head of SAINTS and everyone there. Today the picture is of a Pink Princess quietly preening next to a large male, slightly sore, but quite happy male pig while she's watching little pigs dance around with a beautiful white one year old puppy who's happily chewing on a remote control and looking for a slipper to become her next victim. Some days I cry, some days I laugh, and some days I laugh until I cry. But I ALWAYS enjoy the stories and the pictures, the victories and the worries, that you share. Thank you for all you do!


To the Sunday house volunteers: I will NOT be able to make it this Sunday - invited up to Logan Lake with friends - unplanned, so that's why the short notice! Sorry, hope you all see this and the coverage is ok. I'll see you next weekend. Oh, and Carol, I did find some huge garbage bags - (35"by50") so that should be big enough to cover those huge beds in the computer room, but I won't get them there till next week now.


i have a picture of flicka, i just can't upload it because of my stupid computer.


no pics of flicka yet...but just imagine a taller gideon who is VERY, VERY thin....even thinner than gideon.

pops and ziggy are doing ok...ziggy has been having a nasal disharge again...and an occasional cough. pops keeps laying down in poop every night so he looks like a homeless child...i keep telling him to quit doing that but he doesn't listen to one else lays down in their nightly poop so this is unique to pops!

and doris isn't great...her eye needs to come out now and i am not sure i want to put her thru it so she and i are seeing the vet on saturday to discuss her quality of life issues and if it is better to take out her eye or let her go because of all of her other life issues...she is getting really old now and her skin is still a huge problem for her and she still lives disconnected from everything and everyone so i am not sure what is best for her now.

there are birthday pics on the facebook page...jenn uploaded them into the album a few days ago.

Bunny Horne

And some photos from Mystic's magical 1st birthday party - or did Mini Me get cake frosting all over the camera lens?


The Animal Rescue Site/Petfinder challenge started on October 3, 2011. Any pictures of Flicka, and how are Doris and Pops and Ziggy?