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morning thinking

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2011

i felt much less crowded around here yesterday with giant pugsley off at the vets but i do quite miss his goofy sweetness. when he gets home today we start his recovery confinement...2 weeks of quiet rest with outside pee breaks to yard on leash...then 6-8 weeks of short leash walks only before he can finally run and be an idiot thundering and flying around puppy. that is going to feel so good for him when he finally gets there...he has been in pain for a very long time. the vet said the shoulder joint was pretty messed up so he will for sure develop arthritis...we will start him on cartrophen injections when his staples come out to try to minimize his eventual arthritis within the joint.

note to myself...make an appointment for kristy's eye sutures to come out. i am hoping that closing off that empty socket will make her more adoptable but with only one eye, no teeth, a tongue hanging out, a grade 4 heart murmur and an ancient and leaking bladder...maybe it won't help all of that much.

thx kelly for letting me know dixie was good yesterday...because of her past track days she is probably so used to living in a busy and active barn that she is enjoying it again.....if i had thought about this more...i wouldn't have been so worried about how she would handle the move. she has gone to an active barn with wonderfully kind and knowledgable people...duh..of course she would feel good! i won't see her now til this weekend when i have days off cuz i am back to working til after dark, my early shifts when i could whip out after work are done. and i am just so grateful that she is in such good and gentle hands!

so...i am trying to figure out what to do about that rotti..the problem is i met her when her owner came here before. we turned away 2 dogs already this week because we are too full. but it is harder to say no to one i have met...i have their face and their eyes inside of my head. anyway..the guy didn't leave a return phone number so i guess i get to wait til he finally catches up with me before i have to decide which will win, heart or head.

thank goodness dawn is starting to get a few adoption inquiries again...there have not been all that many lately. but i have to keep thinking too..that inquiries mean very little until actual adoptions occur. one is actually inquiring about adopting senior rotti's.

does anyone know anyone?????


Cheryl K

Yvette had two seniors adopted to a home this week..LARGE seniors..they couldn't make up their mind between the Newphie or Golden so came and took both..wonderful so it is happening..good luck...


I recently read on Brindleweb a lovely story where a senior rotti named Cola was adopted for a senior lady (with her family's assistance). Cola passed away recently. The match worked very well. Bev or WC Rotti rescue adopted Cola to them - it may be worth contacting Bev to see if there is any possibility there, although it may be too soon.


i do know a woman who is on my mail walk when i used to deliver. she has had quite a few rottis in the past, has one now her name is raison, she may be looking for a companion. she has had up to 4 at a time and she is very good to and with them. we have had numerous conversations about her guys and if they got along and she took the rotti i know he would have an awesome home. she is a greeter at superstore so i will either go to her house or to the store asap. hope floats as you say.