Rescue Journal

poor june ...she can't find anyone to play with is so freaking unfair.

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2011

june is so not helpful.

pugsley is confined in the kitchen where he is supposed to be resting quietly. june is in the computer room doing flip flops, play bows, jump high and body twists and bark in cheerful encouragement to get pugs to play with her thru the door wire.

sigh..leave him alone june...he is not allowed to play for a couple of months....that's 8 weeks...60 days...that is a long time...(even bigger sigh from me)....oh shit.

so to get them all out to pee without pugsly and june getting near each other to explode in happy glee...i took pugs out first with the little kitchen guys..then brought him in and leashed him to the laundry room wire and then took june and the big guys thru the kitchen so they could then go pee. pugs was pretty good..he just sat patiently..june however tried to slip past me to say hello to her friend.

it occurs to me that june is far too cheerful and happy for a surgical recovery puppy.

i got home late because i had to stop at two different vet clinics and then london drugs to pick up new prescriptions but i made it before dionne had closed up the barn guys so i could check on ellie. she is back in the barn where she wanted to be and seems content with settling for her past and smaller stall so that is good...if she is happy then i am happy. i just can't possibly bear an unhappy pink pig princess.

brad apparently broke out of his barn by lifting the boards between the stalls twice...ryan finally put a couple of screws in the top boards so he can't break out again. dionne said he did enjoy his little adventure so i better sit down and plan out a rotation schedule so he can wander around the riding ring for a bit every day. we flushed out his scrotal sac wound today (this would be the fun part of rescue...flushing out the scrotal sac wounds of seven hundred pound recently castrated pigs..i am is kind of fun..ok..well maybe not fun..but it is interesting if you happen to like wound care which i really do.) looks not too bad but the vet is coming to check it just in case..i don't think another antibiotic injection would be such a bad idea so i am hoping he gives brad one just to cover all bases.

we might have a couple of different good homes interested in adopting the baby pigs..pleasegodpleasegodpleasegod...make this happen...this little 3 acre already crowded property just cannot sustain long term living for 4 eventually very big pink farm pigs.

but i have to say that if the cosmos stepped in to save them...i can't help but think they had a good master plan and hopefully we were just a stepping stone in the very great plan that they planned!
hope is really floating here..please make the finding a great home for them SOMEWHERE ELSE be part of their very great plan!!!!

the bunnies are both back from the vets and they both have med orders...papa john has his med orders now too but they won't be ready from the pharmacy until 8 pm tonight so i will pick them up tomorrow at noon.

the vets are coming tomorrow to check out flicka and give her a good going over. she seems to be settling in ok..she is not totally at home yet but she is well on that road.

i am chuckling..little one eyed kristy is laying in the computer chair behind me...since june can't play with pugsly...she is trying to play with kristy and kristy is getting pretty mad. you just gotta love a 5 pound one eyed, toothless poodle, who's tongue hangs down to her chest who thinks she is big and brave enough to tell 110 pound june to piss off and june actually does.



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laura told me an easier on explore other ideas, then click on small ideas (Up to $50,000)..then click on list..then click on most votes...then the ideas are listed from highest to lowest votes..if saints is on the first page...we are in the top 10.


Ashley, it takes a bit of time but you have to go thru all the "under 50,000" entrys, at least thats the only way I know to do it, I checked last night and SAINTS was currently in 10th spot.


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hi carol please let me know if the rotti man phones back. am so hoping it works out between marlin and him. thanks.