Rescue Journal

cow beans

Carol  ·  Oct. 16, 2011

little bambi is playing with june...too freaking funny!
considering june's football tackle style of play with the way she knocks me around..i am always so surprized at how gentle she plays with the little tiny dogs.
maybe it was because in the past she has had puppies..i bet she loved playing with them. i wonder where they are all now and if they got good and forever homes...sadly, the odds are against them so probably not.

monty is still feeling good today..we had a nice purring cuddle session before he had his dinner. i am getting hopeful, maybe we found the answer and maybe one day soon he can come back to the house cuz i really miss him over here.

i keep looking in doris's little kitchen dog house to see how she is...then i remember when i see it empty that she is no longer here.

i am still waiting confirmation that the little pigs adoption is a go..i don't want to bug their possible new family but i really want to know! anyway..i am not calling, i never want anyone to feel pressured to adopt any animal no matter how anxious i am to get them safely placed. if i don't hear back in the next day or two..i will have my answer and i will quit hoping then.

i think i better book bear in for a vet check. he is a bit more comfortable with the pain meds, but he is not his normal self. he has some pretty hard lumps on him...(the family had removed several over the years and the vets told them not to worry about them anymore).....but maybe one of them have changed into something that is causing him pain.

barn bedtime went quite smoothly except czar is a dick head and flicka is a hysterical freak out. i told her tonight that he is really a huge big baby coward under it all and she should just beat the crap out of him to make him smarten up...then he will leave her alone. i so wish all horses were like pops and gideon....or our beloved lost spritely and they were (are) great and emotionally solid horses. swinger, lahanie, czar and i suspect flicka are more like lovable, but emotionally highly strung donuts.

the cows had the zoomies..the baby pigs set them off. the three huge guys were flying around the riding ring...they were full of cow beans is so good to get to see joyful cows fly by (as long as you are safely on the other side of the fence!)


Bunny Horne

Man, I missed it - I would love to see those cows scampering about the riding ring. Carol, I think you missed your "BARREL RACING PIG" yesterday. After Willy and Charlotte settled from their rugby match and no one was watcing Willy ran from the gate into the ring like a rocket to the barrel in the centre of the ring, hugged it tightly and turned as expertly as any quality barrel horse, he kept running, couldn't stop and smacked into the gate going into the goat house, scaring the crap out of Brent who turned and said "what the hell was that". "Oh, just Wills". It was a kookie day for the barnyard SAINTS yesterday. Must have been the superb weather. Everyone was happy. My wheelbarrow was tipped 5 times, 2 by the cow-tippers and 3 X by Chewykins.