Rescue Journal

ok..i am home...and i have an empty tin cup in my hand...

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2011

i am beat..feel like i was run over by a truck so quick update and then begging post and then down with the advil and off to bed.

buddy did fine with his surgery and is home.

cherry pit went to the vets today...she is off her feeding again, losing weight, her kidneys are sucking and she had some sc fluids and is back on antibiotics again.

the little pigs have a confirmed new home on the island. we just have to arrange transport...they are too big now to go into the back of a canopied truck or a van so we have to hire a truck/trailer/driver..with ferry fees, gas, et will cost about $750 there and back again. being realistic...we are pretty damn lucky to have found these soon to be very big pigs a great home. pet homes for farm pigs are virtually nonexistent so i am thanking god that we actually found a great one. there is no way i can expect any adoptive family of 500 pounds each of pet farm pigs to cover that cost and i won't even ask...that would just be crazy cuz there are 88 cruelty seized pigs much closer to this new home already on the island and with a lot cheaper transport attached. i REALLY want this home for our is with a great, pig loving person who also happens to be a vet, she promises to love them forever and will never ever eat them so i am really happy with that. so i am more than willing to scrape up our pennies to get them over far as i am concerned it is just another associated cost of rescue...and ALL of our guys end up costing us at least a thousand why should the pigs have to cost us less?

but.... i won't complain if anyone wants to make a small donation towards this unique rescue cost..every little bit helps. i will chip in out of my paycheque this week to help as well. so if you feel like being a (not so little) twin piglet fairy godmother or father and help cover the cost of their magic pumpkin transport truck and trailer..feel free to click on the paypal button...the two way gas and ferry costs for a truck and trailer to haul them are totally insane...but so was rescuing pigs in the first place.

i think all in all, given the circumstances of this particular double pig rescue, pretty much anything is a fair and great deal as long as wilbur and charlotte don't have to live here forever and have found a great home of their own in a nice and pig friendly home on the is like a happy pig fairy tale!

(and i REALLY need a happy twin pig fairy tale this time arround cuz i highly doubt 700 pound brad pitt pig will ever find a home of his own...i think we might be "it.")

anyway..twist the arms of your co-workers, best friends and family...75 separate donations of 10 bucks each and charlotte and wilbur can get to their new home..let their fairy tale begin!!!!



Yes we were oh so lucky an email landed in my box a few weeks ago and set the stage for a home Wilber and Charlotte. Your new pigs home writes she is 'stoked' about gettign the new kids!!

cheryl and stef

carol not sure if you received our last post, Stefanie is off next week from tuesday to friday and we are able to take the pigs to the island for you...All we would need you to do is pay for the truck and trailer, we will get the gas charges and our personal ferry fees. i believe the ferry costs if i am correct would be approx 150 each way for truck and trailer so that is 300 a bit cheaper then 750

let us know if this interests you at all..

take care
cheryl and stef


This is from a Facebook Post - maybe these people can do it cheaper than $750?

"There's a lady named Penny Eadie on another FB forum I'm on called Cariboo Pet Connect who is offering transport services for around BC. Not sure what she charges, but thought I'd share the post:
Penny's Pet Project - we can transport almost any type of pet or small livestock for you, to or from anywhere in BC. Short hauls or long, your pets are transported safely and comfortably. 40 years accident free driving record, safe reliable vehicles. 4 wheel drive capable so we can travel in any weather."|


I'll bring some money on Sunday to help the pigs get to their new home! I'm so happy for them :)


i just donated to the pigs' fund via CanadaHelps.. (i don't do paypal) -- hope that's ok...and great news for these animals!


I'll chip in some money,too, Carol. I should be up there tomorrow morning (Thursday) and can give it to you then, if you'll be around?


yeah i will chip in some money, will bring it on sat as i do not use paypal. or maybe before then if i get up there during the week. good for the pigs and for that great home for them.

cheryl and stef


Where on the island are they going. If you can cover our ferry costs. I can take the pigs over to the island for you next week (Tues-Fri) Let me know


I just sent $20 to help. Kudo's to SAINTS and the adoptive home for giving these two a great life.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I have $70 from rug hooking projects that is committed to SAINTS - I will use these funds to help in the transit to get the Willy and Charlotte to their new forever home. I will bring the money with me on the 30th, my next scheduled volunteer shift.


ooops - I'm not out next until the 30th - not the 23rd. I will give you the money at that time.


Carol, I have $70 from rug hooking projects that I had set aside for SAINTS - so I will send you or give that money on the 23rd when I am on site for volunteer duties. Now you need 68 people with $10 each.
These pigs are great. I had a ton of fun working with them last Sunday (wait was I working or playing with Charlotte and Willy???) They have super personalities and their new owner will LOVE them. CONGRATULATIONS Charlotte and Willy.


rememeber about the letters tomorrow morning.

as a side note. momo, the heart cat, vomited some pink foam tonight, never a good sign in a cardiac cat. brought him in to work and he checked out fine (his heart is still super crappy), but he's not in crisis.