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more business stuff....

Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2011

tammy and penny are manning a saints table at Casa de Sol Tanning and Piercing salon in mission on saturday this weekend is their 12th anniversery and they are hosting a celebration of their 12 years in business and fundraisng for saints at the same time, if you are free...drop on by and say hello to tammy and penny!

also tammy has reminded me to post that our three professionally produced saints events banners and a large photo poster board are missing...they are GREATLY missed and i am sure are hiding forgotten in someone's garage who has done a fundraiser or event for us. so if anyone who has EVER had them for anything could please have a good look around..we would really like to have them all back!

and finally as a mildly amusing but mostly really freaking annoying aside....

brad dipstick has knocked over a tree in his yard. so was a mostly dead tree..but it is a BIG tree and it is now laying across his pen, on top of his fence and sticking way out into the riding ring just waiting to poke some stupid and curious cow's eye out.
IF i can find our chainsaw..which i have not seen in a long time so i am hoping is still actually here...ernie has kindly agreed to buck that sucker up tomorrow after he finishes his regular shift.

mama t did ok with her surgery and is home...her mouth is pretty damn sore tho.

monty has stopped eating again..which means he is not getting his meds...which is a total disaster...please your meds and dinner tonight or tomorrow you are going to be in real pain and we will have lost any ground that you have gained.

tomorrow's vet runs are rumple first thing in the morning and minnie pearl just after lunch.

and i have finally started the induction phase of papa john's cushings meds..this is a highly critical assessment phase where we have to measure each drop of water he takes in so to avoid dumping him into an addisonian crises. i have been putting it off cuz i just was not on top of the ball enough to concentrate on keeping track of how he is doing.

oh...and i went and saw dixie that horse! she is doing ok!

that is it for the current news (i think.)



The tree falling wasn't all Brads fault, I may have helped. Brad is feeling good, yesterday he was running around the riding ring. He really wants to go in the upper field and dig some holes.

Bunny Horne

Just an FYI - Brent and I have no event display materials - everything should be in the shop including the suitcase we set up for events. There were a number of boards in the center pen area, but they may have been moved to facilitate the puppies - remember the puppies.


Carol - not sure if Krista or Ryan told you, but there is another strange lump above Stevie's left leg - it feels like lumpy jelly underneath his skin, poor little guy.