Rescue Journal

oh fer chrissakes...

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2011

at my age....looking in the mirror the first thing in the morning is never a fun thing.

it is even worse when you blink in stunned realization that sometime during the night, kristy puked milk bone cookies on your head. (wow..was i out cold or what??)

thx so freaking much kristy..i am just so not thrilled about this....i felt violated....gross.

but thank god i actually looked! just can't imagine being caught by the staff in my hot pink bathrobe with puke on my head.

moral of the story is: even if you don't want to look in the it never know what interesting thing you might find out about yourself.



This screams out for a ditty:

there once was a lady named Carol
who looked like she slept in a barrel
she awoke to find that her hair was all crispy
with milkbone remnants upchucked by Kristy

Sorry Carol but I couldn't resist


oh my god LOL. sorry.... but that is so funny! Hey maybe its good luck? i hear that having bird shit on your head is supposed to be good luck, maybe its the same for puke?